Stay Mobile with Live Chat Operator Console for iOS

Live chat operator console for iOS

Provide support is glad to announce the release of the live chat operator console for iOS. This version allows you stay connected with your customers on the go and handle chat requests if you are not at your computer. The app lets you stay flexible and always online in your live chat. This way you will not miss chat requests and will be able to assist your customers during your coffee break. It will take a couple of minutes to download the app from the Apple AppStore and install it on your iPhone or iPad.

Scenario 1: If you are a real estate agent

Mobile app is a great help if you are constantly away from your office but need assist your customers through live chat. You can easily chat while waiting for customers or showing property. It will make the  communication process fast and convenient.  >>>

Will AI Take Humans out of Customer Service in The Near Future?

Will AI Take Humans out of Customer Service in The Near Future?
Will AI Take Humans out of Customer Service in The Near Future?

As the new technology keeps booming, innovation in customer service follows. Many of us take the time to reflect on the milestones achieved in the past, and also look ahead to what the future has in store. How many changes will it bring about for those in customer service? Are chatbots and virtual agents likely to replace humans any time soon? And if so, what does the future hold for human CSRs and what will be the role of AI in customer service then?

2017 has seen a proliferation of innovations in customer service featuring AI-powered chatbots and virtual agents for a wide range of purposes from engaging at a pre-sales point to assisting with billing transactions and making post-sales service appointments. With the obvious increase in use of AI technology, let me briefly summarize some of the recent trends shaping the role of AI in customer service. >>>

15 Statistics Shaping the Future of Customer Service (Infographic)

The world is rapidly changing, and so is customer service. If you think your business is offering outstanding service now, the truth is that with the ever changing customer expectations, what seems satisfactory today might simply be outdated within half year. Is your organization keeping up with the pace?

As customer service and customer experience have become key diffentiators for brands across all industries worldwide, it has never been more important to know as much as you can about your customers, their preferences and service expectations. In fact 75% of companies already recognize service as a competitive differentiator. >>>

Top Customer Experience Trends for 2016

must-have's of customer experience in 2016
Customer experience trends 2016

Customer experience is becoming more and more important for companies over the years. The reason is, it has become the key differentiator.

Some 15 to 20 years ago the main goal targeted by most businesses in order to gain an advantage in the market was to design cost-effective procedures and create products quickly and efficiently. Affordability of products was the key differentiator.

When this goal was reached and the market was flooded with the multitude of products differing little in features and price, companies needed a new way to stand out from the crowd.

Today, when customers are bombarded with offers, they are making their buying choices based on, almost solely, the level of customer experience they receive from a company. >>>

6 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Adding Live Chat Support For Website

6 Benefits of Live Chat for Online Business
6 Reasons to Add Live Chat to Your Website

There are many challenges that new as well as established entrepreneurs have to face while setting up and growing their website and trying to make it more profitable. Among the variety of different tools designed to help the entrepreneur to meet those challenges, live chat support for website is one of the tools which help to win more customers and establish a stronger connection with them – a goal valid for the whole lifespan of an enterprise.

How exactly is live chat able to assist your business growth? Below are the 6 benefits you will instantly recognize after adding live support to your website and making your website visitors and existing customers aware of the contact option available to them. >>>

Affiliate Partnership Opportunities from Provide Support

Provide Support Affilate program
Provide Support Affilate Program

If you are a web designer, developer or just have customers who are interested in adding live chat software to their websites, Provide Support partner program is for you. Being in business for more than 10 years Provide Support Live Chat and Real Time Visitors Monitoring software has gained solid reputation and is known for its stability, rich set of features, support quality and reasonable pricing. You are welcome to join our affiliate program and start offering live chat software to your customers and receive generous affiliate commission from all payments made by your referrals.

Provide Support Partnership Model

To become our partner you do not need to purchase anything. When you register an account in our system, you automatically join the affiliate program and can use this account for your referrals tracking during the free trial period and after its expiration.  >>>

New Live Chat Updates from Provide Support

Google Analytics Integration
Google Analytics Integration

Provide Support is glad to announce new software improvements which have been implemented recently. They include not only new features but also server updates which make our service more stable and secure. Please take a look at the below features description.

Live Chat and Google Analytics Integration:

New feature of Google Analytics integration allows tracking as events initiated chat requests and sent offline messages. Two types of events are pushed to your Google Analytics account:

  • Chat Started – this event is pushed when a visitor fills out the pre-chat form and clicks ‘Start Chat’ button
  • Offline Message Sent – this event is pushed when a visitor sends an offline message >>>

How to Start Offering Amazing Customer Service on your 3dcart Website

Live chat integration for 3dcart
Live Chat for 3dcart Integration

With increase of online competition eCommerce website owners put all their efforts to deliver exceptional customer experience and blur the lines between in-store and online shopping. High level of experience in the online store means loyal customers and repeat sales, that is why it is extremely important for retailers who want to sell online to provide customer service beyond expectations. With proper tools and staff training this will not become a challenge for your company. If you run eCommerce website powered by 3dcart, live chat integration for 3dcart website will be a winning strategy for your eCommerce business. >>>

Live Chat Tool for BigCommerce Online Store

BigCommerce Integration
Live Chat and BigCommerce Integration

BigCommerce software is one of the most popular  e-commerce solutions. Rich set of features, flexible customization opportunities and user friendliness let BigCommerce appear in the top ten lists of various reviews. BigCommerce makes first-timers feel comfortable and does not require much effort and technical knowledge to create and customize an online store. It is loaded with features, which are built into it in a form of apps or can be easily integrated.

However, having a perfectly built online store is not enough in today’s world of competition. When your prospects land on your store they expect not only responsive design and affordable pricing but also great customer service. Doug Warner once said “In the world of Internet Customer Service, it´s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.” That is why it is important to equip your website with right tools which will help to survive in this world of competition. Live chat solution has been gaining popularity among consumers and has become part of most e-commerce websites. >>>

Fast and Simple Live Chat Software Integration with Shopify

Live Chat Software Integration with Shopify
Provide Support and Shopify Integration

Shopify is one of the most popular hosted shopping cart systems among retailers. Its clean and clear interface makes Shopify so simple to use and lets merchants setup their online stores by following solution’s 7 step-by-step guide.  It’s an all-in-one solution for the eTailer, both big and small. However, while being powerful shopping cart system Shopify lacks proper tools for providing support to online shoppers. By equipping your website with professional live chat tool, you will ensure your visitors have an opportunity to ask their questions in real time with a click. Provide Support offers fast and seamless Live Chat software integration with Shopify. During the integration process you will just need to insert the code for chat button into your theme and customize your live chat look and feel. >>>