New Easy in Integration Joomla Live Chat Module

Provide Support Live Chat Module for Joomla
Provide Support Live Chat Module for Joomla

Today Joomla is one of the most popular Content Management Systems which website owners choose when it comes to designing a new website, blog or an online shop. Many aspects like friendly user interface, extensibility and free CMS access make Joomla attractive for millions of users all over the globe. Joomla powers websites of all shapes and sizes from small introduction website pages and blogs to large online stores and corporate websites.

Thousands of extensions are available for Joomla websites today on the market. Provide Support is also glad to present a new module for Live Chat which will help to integrate Live Chat solution with Joomla based versions with a couple of clicks. All basic settings for making the module up and running are available directly in Joomla admin panel. Supported versions are Joomla 2.5. and 3.x. The following integration options are available for Joomla Module: >>>

Great News – New Easy Live Chat with WordPress Integration

Provide Support and WordPress integration
Provide Support and WordPress integration

Provide Support is glad to announce a new Live Chat with WordPress integration. From now on WordPress users will be able to install Provide Support Live Chat on their websites fast and easily. But why is it important to offer Live Chat assistance to users? Click-to-chat tool has the great ability to increase conversion rates by offering customers instant access to a live support representative while they are browsing your website. Building a strong customers loyalty, engaging and convincing new customers as long as upselling those who are already in the decision-making phase is another great advantage of Live Chat option. >>>

Is Your Website Ready for This Busy Back-to-school Season?

Get ready for back-to-school season by adding Live Chat to your siteThe start of a new school year marks both an exciting and nerve-wracking time for many. With the arrival of new students, new classes and an entirely new routine, it’s important that teachers and students alike feel comfortable in those first weeks back in the classroom.

Obviously, your Student Service Team will be overwhelmed with inquiries, requests, concerns and doubts during these busy last weeks of August and first weeks of September. So how to go through the next school year with happier staff, more content students and more peace for your Support Team? >>>

Back-to-School Season: a great opportunity for almost every business. Are you ready?

Get the most out of the back-to-school season with Live Chat softwareThe back-to-school season marks not only a milestone for parents and students. It is the second largest consumer spending event for retailers right after the winter holidays. And according to recent surveys, retailers are anticipating a stronger back to school sale season this year. The end of summer and the first weeks of September are a great opportunity for just about every business to get new customers and increase revenues.

Even if you’re not selling school supplies or clothing, there are lots of ways you can attract back to school deal-seekers to your products and services and increase your sales. Almost every business takes advantage of this event, and we hope you won’t miss the opportunity to capture your fair share of the back-to-school market. >>>

Your Suggestions for Chat Statistics Module

Live Chat Software
Live Chat Software

Dear Provide Support users

We are glad to announce that our new Chat Statistics Module is coming soon and is in process of development at present. We appreciate your loyalty and will be glad to offer new features to meet all your requirements and business needs, thus we would need your assistance in selecting features for the first release of the Chat Statistics Module. Please take a look at our small questionnaire and let us know which 5 features among listed below you find the most crucial. This will help us to deliver best quality software meeting your needs. Let us know your choices by posting them as comments:


Provide Support announces Father’s Day promotion

Father's Day Promotion
Father’s Day Promotion

From June, 9 till June, 16 take advantage of 30% discounts for all annual subscription packages available with Provide Support, LLC. Just call to our support chat, mention about promotion, provide your promo code FD2013-B and get your 30% discount for any annual subscription package and all further renewals.

We are glad to offer promotions to encourage new users join our Provide Support Live Chat Community and take advantage of best quality modern Live Chat tool for websites. We are proud of having you among our customers and will take all efforts to deliver cutting edge technology meeting your business needs and requirements.


What’s new in Provide Support?

We are glad to announce our latest system updates which will facilitate your account management and will let easily integrate our system with Flash websites.

1. From now on you can reorder your operators and departments in the way you need. Previously, this could be achieved only by recreating operators and departments in the needed order. This was inconvenient and time consuming for the accounts with many departments and operator profiles.


Great news, a new beta version of the operator console is now available

How often do you check your real time monitoring results? I guess, hundreds of times during your business hours and I bet not only to see how many visitors are there on your website but also to check which pages they are browsing, where they came from and which key words they used.

From our side we have improved our Referrer column allowing you to find out at a glimpse whether your visitors came from social media platforms or search engines. >>>

Enjoy our new Chinese chat icons

Chat icons in different languages
Chat icons in different languages

As Provide Support is being used globally on websites in different languages, we have been expanding our live chat icons gallery not only with new images, but also with translations for the existing ones.

Today we are glad to offer our Chinese customers some translations for our chat icons. We thank them for their loyalty and hope that our new chat icons will become a good addition to their websites and will save them time for designing custom images in Chinese. We would be glad to hear your feedbacks and suggestions for new translations of chat icons.