15 Statistics Shaping the Future of Customer Service (Infographic)

The world is rapidly changing, and so is customer service. If you think your business is offering outstanding service now, the truth is that with the ever changing customer expectations, what seems satisfactory today might simply be outdated within half year. Is your organization keeping up with the pace?

As customer service and customer experience have become key diffentiators for brands across all industries worldwide, it has never been more important to know as much as you can about your customers, their preferences and service expectations. In fact 75% of companies already recognize service as a competitive differentiator.

So what will tomorrow’s best-in-class customer care look like? In this infographic we’ve collected 15 major statistics shaping the future of customer service to help you better understand how your business can prepare for the coming changes and meet your customers’ service expectations. If you see anything else trending in customer service, make sure to let us know in the comments below!

15 Statistics Shaping the Future of Customer Service
15 Statistics Shaping the Future of Customer Service

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  1. The infographic well analysed, However not reaching to sent percent to the ultimate goal. Viewing the Education of consumers, broad personal relationship, challenges of modern method of fooling, stress of non-satisfaction etc. Ultimately in a business both ends wants to be in benefit, Peoples are not merely behind the brand but with their analysis, so decreasing the profit margin for a brand. Today’s doll becomes old tomorrow. Everyone wants an unique, unfortunately which is not possible for any brand to give life to that brand with limited profit, which influences the customer satisfaction. An old brand always pinches the heart of a consumer, may it is a model of today. Latest, quality, and research and up-gradation to the exported sample, may pull the attraction of present consumer and pull a new consumer to the brand. Unfortunately max of the brands leaves the relationship with the valuable appraiser as leave the ‘old wife’, so the children being exploited.

  2. Great post Mary. I think these stats just show how much technology and business have become intertwined. It’s brought companies and customers closer together for sure.

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