How to Measure your Customer Service Team Performance

How to Measure your Customer Service Team Performance

You can affect only those things you pay attention to. That is why it is important to get information about your live chat customer service team performance and make improvements based on it. With Provide Support live chat statistics tool you can easily track how many chats your live chats agents get, how fast they respond and how many chats they miss. 

Here is the detailed list of available metrics:

  • Pre-chat form loads
  • Initiated chats by visitors
  • Accepted chats by operators
  • Total conducted chats
  • Missed chats
  • Average chat acceptance time
  • Chat acceptance rate
  • Leave a message loads
  • Sent offline messages
  • Proactive chats stats
  • Chat online time
  • Chat offline time
  • Away time for operators
  • Website traffic
  • Chat referrer

By taking into account the above listed details you can make the following improvements:

  • Properly distribute chat loads among your team
  • Find out most busy hours and add more live chat agents to handle chats during this time period
  • Improve pre-chat and offline forms depending on the click through rate
  • See and reward your most productive employees
  • See those who miss chats or prefer not to accept them
  • Improve your SEO strategy based on traffic reports
  • Improve your website user interface
  • Measure your marketing campaigns success based on the referrer information
  • Improve website usability and add self service options on those pages where your customers click chat button most of all
  • Develop proactive approach

To figure out what kind of metrics are most important for your team try to answer the following questions:

Why do you need reporting?

There can be different reasons for using detailed live chat reporting. The main reason our customers shared with us is the necessity to:

  • hire enough staff to cover most busy hours
  • see who is most and less productive
  • reward most productive employees
  • see where the chat button is often clicked
  • find out whether marketing campaign was successful or not

What outcome do you expect?

If your team knows about statistics and the fact that their success is measured and reported they will become more responsible and will care for the results they get. By getting regular chat reports our customers expect to:

  • Improve the overall customer experience level
  • Improve website and live chat usability
  • Get more out of marketing campaigns
  • Develop proactive customer service approach

Metrics will help you to see how your customer service team is contributing to your company’s goals. By keeping an eye on your statistics data you will get the insights needed to improve your customer service process and as a result boost your sales and get the most out of marketing campaigns.