Shopify apps for better customer experience

10 Shopify Apps for Better Customer Experience

Customer experience is one the most important factors for any business today. Without convenient purchasing process and polite communication your customers will end with one time purchase on your store. However, if they receive excellent service or get involved into a reward program, they may consider becoming your loyal customer and take advantage of the whole range of products or services you offer. In this blog post we will help you find Shopify apps for better customer experience and explain how they can improve your store.

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live chat features

Live Chat Features that Enhance Agents’ Performance

Businesses have been successfully using live chat software for their customer service needs for more that 10 years. During this time we have seen the sky-rocket evolution of this tool. More and more vendors started appearing on the market offering various improvements and enhancements. However, not all features which live chat software providers offer are useful and really helpful during customer service workflow. Some of them just sound good but do nothing helpful. In this blog post we will tell you about live chat features that are really helpful for customer service agents, facilitate their workflow and help improve customer service experience. 

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customer service reporting

5 Reasons Why Customer Service Reporting is Important

The success of your customer service team depends on customer service reporting and other important metrics which help get direct feedback and successfully manage your team. Today reporting became integral part of any business. We require reports not only in customer service field but also in other areas of business workflow. Detailed statistics data allows us get a direct feedback right away without collecting information from consumers and analyzing questionnaires. In this blog post I would like to tell about 5 reasons why your customer service team needs reporting and how to use available data to improve employees’ performance and customer service quality.

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How to Get Valuable Customer Feedback via Email: 6 Ideas to Follow

Many companies utilize email as a way of getting insights into the marketing activities’ success. Unlike in-person or telephone interviews, email surveys can reach larger numbers of customers in a shorter period of time. Unfortunately, metrics can’t give you a full picture and tell you everything about the product-market fit, customer satisfaction, and expectations. This is when email surveys step in to help you measure your marketing efforts and assess what needs improvement.  But how do you encourage customers to provide their feedback? We’ve collected the best practices and ideas to help you figure out the answer to this question. 

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8 best ways to obtain customer feedback

8 Best Ways to Obtain Customer Feedback [Infographic]

Whenever your customers contact you they can share their ideas and offer suggestions. This information is valuable both for business development and customer experience improvement. Your customers show your flaws and suggest where you need to work harder to bring your products or services to perfection. In fact, according to Microsoft research 52% of people around the globe believe that companies need to take action on feedback provided by their customers. Furthermore, that report also suggests that brands are viewed more favorably by 77% of consumers if they proactively invite and accept customer feedback. 

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live chat plugin for your Word Press website

How to Choose the Right Live Chat Plugin for your WordPress Website

More and more websites today are managed with help of WordPress platform. The growing audience of website owners creates the growing demand for various plugins that facilitate not only website management process but also help improve customer experience. Live chat plugin can be easily added to your WP and will allow your website visitors to chat with you in real time. However, how to choose the right plugin and what kind of challenges can website owners face? 

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5 Tips for Achieving Better First Contact Resolution in Live Chat Support

Have you ever encountered a situation when you would click the live chat button on a website promising instant online help and you would not reach anyone? I did. At other times, I would contact live chat support and instead of finding an answer to my question, I would be escalated to another person who would say that they will check the information and email me later. I do understand that some questions take research and some issues take time to be diagnosed and fixed. And still, I feel frustration in many such situations, especially when I have to explain the issue over and over again to another agent or repeat the same things in email later. As a customer, I want to be helped here and now while my question is still relevant and the issue is current. Perhaps similar customer experiences are the reason first contact resolution remains an important metric in customer service. According to the Customer Experience Executive Report by CCW Digital, 70% of customers consider first contact resolution the most important factor when interacting with a company, yet only 10% of companies believe they excel at its delivery.

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12 Positive Phrases and Empathy Statements for Customer Service (Infographic)

Everyone working in customer service knows that words are incredibly powerful, and some of them can truly either make or break customer service experiences. In fact, according to Andrew Newberg M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman, the authors of Words Can Change Your Brain, a single negative word can trigger the release of dozens of stress-producing hormones. Using the right customer service phrases in your live chat and phone communication with customers makes all the difference between a bad service and a delightful one. Empathy is the Key to Excellent Service Empathy is the ability to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”. Believe it or not, customers are not expecting customer service professionals to resolve their issues 100% of the time. On the other hand, they do expect empathy from service agents every single time they contact your company’s support. Empathy statements can do so much in making customers feel that they are understood, respected, and their feelings are validated.

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Real-Time Visitor Monitoring in Chat Support: How to Enable and Use It

As a live chat software provider, we saw many of our clients adding direct messenger links to their websites and missing on the opportunity to see additional details about their customers and improve the quality of their customer service. Direct links to the messenger, although they allow the customers to chat with the company, don’t have the capability to pass any information from the visitor’s browser. While we are aware that some of the live chat tools available in the market today don’t have this feature, which may be the reason some of our customers are not expecting to see this functionality, we try to encourage our clients to utilize the chat tool to its full potential and make sure that they take advantage of the benefits that real-time monitoring offers.

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8 Ways to Say No to Customers with Examples

Have you ever heard “No” as a customer? How did you feel? Were you disappointed? Sometimes it may happen that we need to say “No” to our customers or deliver negative news. In fact, this is one of the most unpleasant parts of customer service workflow. Dealing with negative news requires specific skills and self-control. It is not easy to say “No” and continue a smooth conversation. In any customer interaction, the words you say either ruin your relationship with a customer or build it up. That is why it is important for any company to do this right across all customer service channels. So, how to say “No” without spoiling your customer service experience? Here are 8 tips to begin with.

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