Live Chat and Shopify online store integration

Provide Support offers fast and easy live chat integration for your Shopify online store. The chat button can be placed to a fixed position or added to any other position within your Shopify template. The fastest and easiest integration option is to add the chat button to a fixed position. We recommend this type of solution as it does not require technical knowledge and will not take much effort.

6 Live Chat Integration Steps

  1. First of all you need to create an account with Provide Support or log into your account Control Panel if you are an existing user.
  2. Once you are in, follow to Account Settings / Images page and choose the image for your live chat icon. Please check our gallery for available chat button images. If you decided to add your chat button to a fixed position, you may consider one of our vertical chat button images.
  3. Now you'd need to get the code for your chat button. All our codes are available on My Account / Chat Button Codes page. In case you would like to add your chat button to some fixed position, please choose 'Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images' then check 'Generate a floating chat button code' and specify vertical and horizontal position for your chat button.
  4. Now log into your Shopify admin and follow there Themes / Template Editor
  5. If you decided to add your chat button to a fixed position, copy the code you have generated and insert it to Layouts / Theme before closing </body> tag. This will make the chat button appear on all pages of your website. In case you would like to add it to another place, insert it to the required position within Layouts / Theme
  6. Use 'Live preview' to check how your chat button looks and if everything is fine, save changes.

Continue customizing your live chat settings in your account Control Panel on Provide Support's website. Once you have finished with customizations and ready to assist your customers, please download the operator console, install it and log into it with your operator credentials. Your chat button will switch to online after this and your website visitors will be able to contact you in your support chat.