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Squarespace websites are built based on the latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript techniques. They are easy to customize and have a user friendly website builder interface. In addition to this they empower users with all tools needed to build an online store fast and easily. Squarespace website builder also lets you integrate live chat software using available tools with website builder tools. To proceed with live chat for Squarespace integration, please follow instructions in our guide.

  1. Open My Account / Chat Button Codes page in your Provide Support account Control Panel and choose there 'Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images' code
  2. Now log into your Squarespace admin panel and choose there Settings / Advanced / Code Injection Squarespace advanced settings
  3. Insert your Provide Support Chat Button Code to a website footer Squarespace footer code
  4. Save changes and check how your live chat button looks on your website Live chat button on Squarespace website

Useful Tips & Tricks

  • If you would like to pass additional variables to your operator console from the Order Confirmation page you can take advantage of our Passing Information Code which can be used for this purpose. Your agents in their consoles will see additional details in the Custom Fields column.
  • Ask your customers to leave a feedback with help of Post Chat Survey which is fully customizable and pops up after the chat window exiting.
  • Utilize proactive chat invitation to offer your customers assistance.
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