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Provide Support Live Chat Partnership Program

Join our affiliate partner program and start earning 30% recurring commission for every customer you refer

Who is it for?

We invite webmasters, marketing agencies, ecommerce platforms, bloggers, influences and resellers become our partners and benefit from our affiliate commission. There are no obligations with us or minimal payout. You get by request whatever you have earned referring our service.

What do you get?

You can earn 30% recurring commission for each active subscription created through your referral link. Your payouts do not stop with the first purchase, you continue getting commission from all renewals and upgrades of your referral. We send affiliate commission to PayPal by request.

How to join?

There is no special partner registration with us. You automatically become an affiliate after creating Provide Support account. You do not need to purchase a subscription package, you can use your free trial and later expired trial account for referrals tracking.

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How it Works

  1. Share your partner link with your customers or register accounts on their behalf. You will get your partner link after account registration.
  2. After your website visitors click your affiliate link, they get redirected to Provide Support Live Chat website. All accounts they register will be listed in your referrals list. Affiliate cookie remains active for 1 year. Thus if your customer does not register an account right away and comes back to our website later, you will not lose your referral.
  3. Track your referrals in your account
  4. Request affiliate commission payout through special form in your account or just contact us in chat
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What we offer to our partners?

  • A set of banners with partner link embedded to run advertising campaign
  • For ecommerce platforms we may consider developing an app or plugin which may be easily integrated with ecommerce website. Contact us by email to discuss integration opportunities.
  • For large resellers we offer 35% commission for more than 50 active referred accounts
  • 24/7 professional live chat assistance to all customers
  • Learn more about affiliate program and check affiliate program rules
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