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Why native desktop app?

Download chat agent app for MacOS

From our Website   or Download on the Mac App Store

With Provide Support Live Chat service, you can have any number of agent apps installed on your computers and devices. Together with browser app we offer truly native chat agent app for Mac OS. It supports the same features as Windows agent app and can be installed on any number of computers, so that you could work both at home and in your office.

Native live chat agent app for Mac OS

Start agent app automatically

To make your experience with the live chat agent app for Mac OS more smooth and convenient you can activate an option to start the app automatically when Mac OS starts. This way your agents will become online automatically and will not forget to log into when they start working.
The app can be started automatically on operating system start

Idle detection

If for some reason your agents left the app online during their coffee break, it will automatically switch to away mode when the screen server activates or in “n” minutes. The number of minutes for the app staying online if there has been no activity on your computer, you can easily define in app settings.
The app can switch agent status to away on certain events

Hide live chat agent app for Mac OS to menu bar

When you start working with the live chat agent app for you will see that it is very convenient in usage and does not interrupt while you are working with other applications. You can hide it to your menu bar while minimizing or closing, depending to what type of behavior you are used to.
Agent app can be minimized to menu bar

Show the number of visitors in menu bar

It is very easy to see the number of visitors on your website without opening your live chat agent app. You can see this in special icon in your menu bar. The number of visitors is displayed there when Visitors or Geo Location tab in your app is open.
The number of current website visitors is displayed in menu bar icon


The spell checker built into the live chat agent app for Mac OS will help avoid confusing spelling mistakes while your agents are typing. This will help both improve customer experience and quality level of your customer service.
Chat agent app has a built in spell checker

Customizable notifications

You can select the types of alerts you would like to enable in your live chat agent app for Mac OS. Besides standard sound notifications you can enable console raising or displaying notifications in your menu bar. In those notifications you can see visitor’s name and can choose whether to accept or decline a chat.
Alerts can be enabled for different kinds of events

Geo location map

In Geo Location tab of your app you will have all your visitors displayed on a world map, get alerts on new visitors and see when they are browsing your website pages. Such visualization helps better understand the time zone of the customer and see where they are located.
Visitors' distribution on geo location map
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