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What to do if your agent app is giving you "Cannot connect to the ProvideSupport Chat Server" error

In most cases the problem "Cannot connect to the ProvideSupport Chat Server" would be caused by your security system - antivirus, firewall, web filter, router etc., which in its default setup creates a block for the agent app and prevents it from connecting to our servers.

The console behavior may sometimes differ from "not able to log in". You may be able to log in, but instead notice intermittent connection, disconnects or delayed messages in chat. All these signals testify to the problem with a security system, which is either blocking or scanning traffic from our servers.

Follow these simple guidelines to troubleshoot and fix the problem:

  1. Check your Internet connection
  2. If Internet connection is ok, try to log in with our web console at
  3. If you can log in with the web console, but the standalone client still does not connect, find out what security system is installed on your computer or local area network.

    If not sure, send to us an error report using Help -> Send Error to Provide Support menu item from the menu bar of the standalone console. The error report will usually reveal the security application installed on your computer, and we will get back to you with this information by email.

  4. In your security application settings add to trusted our domain * (including the asterisk), or the console application ProvideSupportConsole.exe, depending on which option is available with your security client.

    Note: it is very important to add a wildcard * before the domain name, so that all our subdomains get white listed. There are rare exceptions to this rule, when you would enter and will control access to all URLs under the main domain. In those cases wildcards mostly will not be accepted by the application.

    Below we have collected instructions for most common security clients. Click the link for your application to get redirected.

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