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Live chat for AmeriCommerce

Having live chat tool on the website is vital for any online store. Provide Support offers detailed integration guide for AmeriCommerce store users. With AmeriCommerce system click-to-chat can be added to the whole theme, to a specific template or to single pages. When you add your chat button to a theme, it will appear on all website pages. However, if it is added to a template, it will appear only on those pages where this template is available. In case you'd like to let your visitors initiate support chat requests from specific pages, you can add your live help button only to those pages sources.

We recommend adding the click-to-chat button to all pages as this will let your customers contact you on any stage of purchase with their questions. In our integration guide we describe how to add the live chat button with help of widget and direct integration with HTML source. If you would like to add your chat button to a fixed position on your browser window, e.g. the bottom corner or vertical side image, we suggest that you generate our 'Floating chat button code' and insert it as a Custom HTML Widget. But if you need to add the click-to-chat button to specific website section, then editing HTML source will be required.

How to add your live chat button with help of Custom HTML Widget

  1. Log into your Provide Support account Control Panel and enable 'Generate a floating chat button code' option on My Account / Chat Button Codes / Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images page. Then define your live help button vertical and horizontal position.
  2. Open your AmeriCommerce admin panel and proceed there to 'Themes' section.
  3. Click 'Edit' for your current theme.
  4. We recommend adding your chat script to the footer section, so choose Footer in your Theme editor and click 'Widgets' there.
  5. Add a new Custom HTML Widget or edit an existing Custom HTML Widget.
  6. If you have created a new Custom HTML Widget, find it in the list of Widgets and click 'Edit' button for it.
  7. Switch from text editor to HTML editor by clicking </> button and insert your chat script there.
  8. Save changes and preview your theme.

How to add your live chat button directly to the HTML source

  1. Log into your Provide Support account Control Panel and choose the chat script on My Account / Chat Button Codes page. Different types of integration opportunities are available there: ability to add standard live chat button, text chat link option, possibility to have different live chat buttons on different website pages.
  2. Open your AmeriCommerce admin panel and click there 'Themes'.
  3. On the page with themes click 'Edit' for your current theme.
  4. In your Theme Editor choose the section where you would like to add the chat button, it can be Header or Footer, for example.
  5. Click on HTML Editor.
  6. Add your script to the place you would like your live chat button to appear and save changes.

That's it! You have successfully integrated the live help button with your online store. Now follow the below tips to appear online and customize your chat window look and feel:

  • Download and install the operator console to appear online and start assisting your website visitors
  • Upload your custom chat icons and Company logo on the Account Settings / Images page. Check our gallery where we offer a rich set of different live help icons and header images
  • Customize your pre-chat and offline forms on Account Settings / Pre-chat Survey and Offline Form pages
  • Add some human touch to your chat conversations by displaying your agent's picture and greeting message to your customers
  • Collect valuable information with help of customizable Post Chat Surveys
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