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Provide Support Live Chat software can be easily added to your Zen Cart based website. There are two possible ways of integration - direct integration with website template and adding click-to-chat button via available with Zen Cart banner module. For direct integration you'd need to use our floating chat button code, which lets your live chat button appear at a fixed position on your browser window. When adding your live chat button to a banner module, you can use either floating code or our standard code. With our standard script your chat button will appear in a position you assign to your module.

Direct Integration

  1. First of all you need to generate our floating chat button code. You can do this on My Account / Chat Button Codes page in your account Control Panel where you need to choose 'Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images' and check 'Generate a floating chat button code'. Your click-to-chat button will appear in the position you define in vertical and horizontal fields.
  2. You'd need to choose most suitable live chat button images from our gallery or upload your own set of icons on Account Settings / Images page.
  3. Now log into your FTP or CPanel to proceed with integration.
  4. Find Includes directory there.
  5. Open Templates / Template_Default / Common folder.
  6. In Common folder open for editing tpl_footer file. You can use Notepad or another HTML editor for this purpose. Then insert your Provide Support Live Chat Button Code at the very bottom of tpl_footer file.
  7. Now save changes and upload tpl_footer file back to your FTP or CPanel.
  8. That's it! You can now check how your live chat button looks

Integration via Banner Module

  1. Log into your Zen Cart admin
  2. Follow there Tools / Banner Manager menu
  3. Click 'New Banner' button to create a new banner
  4. Define a title for your banner and insert your chat button code to the HTML Text box. You can either use our codes available on My Account / Chat Button Codes page or generate a floating script as described in the first step of 'Direct Integration' guide.
  5. Save changes and check how your live chat button looks.

Useful Tips & Tricks

  • To start assisting your website visitors download and install the operator console, then log into it with your operator credentials
  • You can add No Script Chat Button Code using EZ-pages tool of your Zen Cart
  • You can add your click-to-chat button to your Newsletters via Tools / Newsletter and Product Notifications Manager. Please use for this purpose Provide Support Chat Button or Link for Emails code. You will find it on My Account / Chat Button Codes page. The code should be added to Rich Text Content box
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