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Provide Support live chat offers sales and customer care solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Whatever your organization or business, Provide Support live chat solution has been developed to help in your activities. On this page various solutions for using live help software for different industries are presented. Interesting ideas for boosting sales and fostering productive interaction with your website visitors are waiting for you. Take advantage of our recommendations on using Provide Support live chat software and build a successful strategy for customer support in your industry.


Support your customers with their orders, guide them throug purchasing process and prevent shopping cart abandonment


Assist your customers in real time, direct them to the right pages of your website and send files or media through live chat


Help your tourists choose their travel destination by sharing pictures, maps and links to the websites with accommodations


Make your insurance business customer oriented and let your clients consult you directly in live chat regarding coverage

Real Estate

Agents can easily assist their customers through live chat, share pictures of real estate objects and stay connected on the go

Car Rental

Fast and immediate live chat assistance will help you close a deal and have your car rental agreement signed within a couple of minutes


Through live chat your customers can easily inquire about status of their loan application, interest rates and just get consultation


Live chat will make your educational website look professional and will let you easily help your students with any questions they may have

Web Design

Use Provide Support partner program to offer your customers live chat solution and benefit from generous 30% affiliate commission


Online pharmacies can facilitate their customer service workflow, consult and view prescriptions with help of live chat


Improve your bottom line with more efficient operations and better public relations using Provide Support live chat system


Live chat will help consult your prospective bidders, increase sales and listing credibility on the auction marketplace

Auto Sales

Sales representatives can monitor the dealership website for chat requests 24/7, assist from any location and on the go

Web Hosting

You can use live chat not only as a communication tool but also offer it to your customers and earn affiliate commission

Casinos and Online Gambling

Use live chat to provide real-time support to your online casino players and convert them to long-term players

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