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Live chat app for iPhone

Modern customers hate waiting and expect immediate and professional customer service. Whether you are an online store owner, car dealer, real estate or insurance agent, you need to be available for your customers all the time no matter where you are. Provide Support live chat for iPhone helps you stay connected with your clients and provide them assistance. Just locate the  live chat app in App Store, install it to your iPhone, and login. Your chat will stay online and you’ll be able to receive chat requests wherever you are.

Live chat for iOS login screen

Enable push notifications not to miss chat requests

To alert you about incoming requests, messages and events Provide Support offers push notifications which can be easily enabled in your iOS settings. There is no need to keep your app always active, just log into the operator console app with your operator login details and wait for notifications.
New chat push notification on iOS

Chat with customers on the go

While chatting with your customers you can use native iOS keyboard or voice input if you do not like typing. Additionally, you can easily transfer chats to other live chat agents if you are busy or use canned responses to assist them fast and efficiently.
Chat text in application for iOS

View current chats on one screen

Don’t leave any chat request unattended. For your convenience all chats you are currently handling are displayed on one screen. Additionally you can use filters and color codes to spot chats requiring immediate response, those waiting for yours or customer’s answer or inactive ones.
List of the operator's current chats

Use canned responses instead of typing

Canned responses is a great feature for mobile live chat application. It saves time on typing answers for common questions, instructions, links and contact information, etc. Canned responses grouping and filtering make navigation through them easier. Search feature allows finding the needed response with a couple of clicks.
Canned responses list in iOS live chat application

View visitors’ information

It’s always good to know who are your customers and how they browse your website. This helps better understand their needs and habits. It is even more important to know who is calling to your support line. “Visitors” screen allows viewing all current website visitors. Filters and color codes help to find visitors you are currently chatting with and view their details. For each visitor you can see the navigation history, browser/OS details, and custom data passed from your website.
List of current website visitors and their details
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