Pinnacle Cart and Live Chat Integration Tutorial

Live chat for Pinnacle Cart

To integrate Provide Support live chat tool with your Pinnacle Cart website you need to generate our floating chat button code. You can do this on My Account / Chat Button Codes page, where you need to select Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images and enable 'Generate a floating chat button code' option. Then you'd just need to define position for your live chat button on your website by setting its horizontal and vertical parameters within the code settings. Now you are ready to proceed with integration. The below guide will help you to add your chat button code to your Pinnacle Cart via Google Analytics Tools option.

  1. In your Pinnacle Cart admin follow Marketing / Google Tools
  2. In Google Tools section select Analytics Tracking and enable 'Activate Google Analytics Tracking Code'
  3. Now insert your Provide Support chat button code below the GA code. If you do not need Google Analytics tracking code for your website, you can remove it and leave there only Provide Support code.
  4. Save changes and check how the click-to-chat button looks on your website

Alternatively, you can insert the code directly to your website source files. You can do this by editing theme files in Cart Settings / Appearance & Content / File Manager. Please be advised: when inserting Provide Support live chat button code you need to wrap it into {literal} ...{\literal} tags.

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