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Sending newsletters and various email notifications became integral part of our workflow. When delivering information to your target audience you expect a response through email or other available communication channels. With Provide Support live chat tool you can enable your customers to contact your live chat team directly from emails by clicking a live chat button or chat link embedded into you email signature or template.

More than 6 million people from around the globe use MailChimp to send 10 billion emails every month. This tool is known for its rich set of features and great email marketing opportunities. It also lets integrate Provide Support live chat software fast and easily. Please follow the below steps to add a live chat button or chat link to your email newsletters:

  1. First of all you'd need to log into your MailChimp account and choose the template you would like to add a live chat button or link to.
  2. Then choose the block where your live chat button or link will be added and edit it. You can add it to any part of your template ¨C header, body or signature block.
  3. In the appeared editor click <> button to edit your template source.
  4. Now log into your Provide Support account Control Panel, follow there the My Account / Chat Button Codes page and choose Chat Button or Link for Emails. On the page with codes copy the chat button code for emails and paste it into your MailChimp template block source. You can also use a direct link and add it as a hyperlink to your email template. The chat button code for emails shows images uploaded to the Account Settings / Images page.
  5. Now save your changes and check how your live chat button looks.
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