Magento Go Live Chat Integration Opportunities

Live chat for Magento Go

Magento Go is a hosted Magento solution for small businesses doing their first steps in eCommerce. Since this solution is a hosted one, our regular module for Magento will not work. However, there are two possibilities to integrate the chat button with Magento Go:

Please choose the most suitable integration opportunities for you.

Basic live chat and Magento Go integration

  1. To start with live chat integration you need to get the chat button code. For this purpose, please log into your account Control Panel and follow My Account / Chat Button Codes page there. If you are new to Provide Support, please register a free trial account first.
  2. Now you need to generate the chat button code which will display the chat button at a fixed position and will let you define this position in pixels or percent. Please choose for this 'Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images' and check 'Generate a floating chat button code' option, then specify vertical and horizontal position for your live chat button.
  3. From your Magento Go Store Admin Panel home screen, follow System / Configuration in the top navigation toolbar.
  4. Then click Design and in the Design editor open Footer.
  5. Insert the code you have generated on the second step to Miscellaneous HTML box and click 'Save Config'.
How to add live chat to Magento Go

Advanced live chat and Magento Go integration

  1. First of all you'd need to get the code for chat button. You will find the codes in your account Control Panel on My Account / Chat Button Codes page there. If you do not have an account with Provide Support you can register a free trial account.
  2. Then, please choose the code for your chat button, we recommend using 'Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images'. If you would like to add a chat button tied to a fixed position on your browser window, please check 'Generate a floating chat button code' option and specify vertical and horizontal position for your live chat button.
  3. To proceed with Magento Go Integration, you'd need to place the generated code in a new static block and add it to your web store using a Frontend App.
  4. Please log into your Magento Go admin and open CMS / Static Blocks where you'd need to click Add New Block button.
  5. Now fill out all the required fields and make sure to click Show/Hide Editor in the Content field to hide your HTML Editor tools. Then paste in your chat button code there and press 'Save' button.
  6. Next follow CMS / Frontend Apps to create a new Frontend App.
  7. For the application type select CMS Static Block and click 'Continue'.
  8. Now fill out your block title in Frontend App Instance Title and click Add Layout Update in the Layout Updates panel. Then in Display On choose the pages you would like to display the chat button on. If you would like to show it across your entire web store, select All Pages. In the Block Reference field, define the position for your live chat button. For floating chat button code, we'd suggest choosing Page Footer.
  9. It's time to assign previously created chat button block (Steps 4 and 5) with your Fronted App. For this click Frontend App Options on the left side panel and specify the static block that will be included.

Please Note! If the chat button code is added to the Page Footer Bottom position the chat invitation will not be displayed properly. However, if you have particular reasons for placing the code to this position, contact us in our support chat for solution.

Please Note! Please be careful when selecting the position for your chat button in Block Reference as some themes do not contain positions listed there. If you choose the position which is not supported by your theme, the chat button will not be displayed at all and monitoring functionality will be missing.

Congrats! You have just successfully finished the integration process. Now check how the chat button looks on your website. To start assisting your website visitors, please download, install and log into the operator console, the application which is used for chatting.

You can make your live chat messenger window more user friendly by uploading pictures for your agents or by choosing avatars from our gallery. In addition to this we offer rich set of live chat images for different types of websites. Continue customizing your live chat account from your Provide Support account Control Panel where you can log into on our website.