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Live chat for 3dcart

Reinforce your 3dcart website with powerful live chat and real time monitoring software. Click to chat solution will bring your support to a new level and help to boost your sales. Many online businesses have enjoyed great benefits from implementing live chat tool on their websites. This detailed tutorial will help you to integrate Provide Support's live chat software with your 3dcart website:

  1. To start the integration process, please log into your Provide Support account Control Panel. If you have not had a chance to register yet, please sign up for our free 10-day fully functional trial.
  2. Once you are in, please follow My Account / Account Settings / Images page and choose the most suitable set of live chat images for your website. In our gallery you will find various live chat icons to match your website look and feel.
  3. After you have chosen the images for your website, you are ready to generate the chat button code. We recommend placing the chat button tied to a fixed position on your website page. This type of live chat implementation will not require technical skills and will not take much time. For this purpose, please follow My Account / Chat Button Codes page and open 'Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images' page, where you need to enable 'Generate a floating chat button code' option and specify vertical and horizontal position for the live help button on your website page.
  4. Now log into your 3dcart admin and click the 'Design' icon on your admin home page or follow to Settings / Design / Themes and Styles page.
  5. Click 'Edit Template (HTML)' for your 3dcart theme to proceed with theme template editing.
  6. In your Template Editor please insert the code for chat button to your home.html and frame.html files. After adding the code to home.html your chat button will be displayed only on your home page. Thus if you would like to show the chat button on other pages, please add the code to frame.html as well. It does not matter where you insert the code in home.html file. However, for frame.html we recommend adding it before closing </body> tag.
  7. After you have added your chat button code, click 'Save Changes' button

Congrats! You have successfully integrated Provide Support live chat tool with your 3dcart website and now you are ready to assist your website visitors in real time. To start receiving live chat requests, please download and install the operator console – special desktop application for live chat agents and log into it with your operator credentials. You can continue customizing your live chat tool in your Provide Support account Control Panel. We also invite you to visit our blog where you will find lots of tips for using live chat software on your eCommerce website and for delivering superior customer service.

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