Best Customer Service Posts and Videos

Best Customer Service Posts and Videos from Provide Support

In 2020 customers will become smarter as their expectations for service and customer experience are set by best brands. While interacting with a business, they compare their experience to the best one they received from anyone and anywhere. Thus the gap between expectations and reality may widen for some companies. As a result customers will walk away searching for better experience.

Another trend is convenience of connecting with a company. When a customer wants to get in touch, they will reach for the most convenient communication method. Thus you should not limit your communication channels just to phone, chat and email. Your customers may also use social media or an app on smartphone. This is convenience that will drive repeating sales and customer loyalty. 

In this blog post we collected most useful customer service posts and videos that will help you exceed your customers’ expectations.

Customer service cheat sheet for live chat operators with examples and responses

Based on our experience, made a visual video tutorial for customer service operators:

It provides not only valuable recommendations but also shows real examples of responses which customer service agents may use on their workflow. Additionally, you are welcome to leave your comments or questions below the video and our team will be glad to assist.

Live chat software for WIX websites

Our detailed video shows how to improve your WIX website experience and add live chat service to it:

Provide Support live chat tool offers the following advantages over competition:

  • Chat script does not slow down website loading. Only Provide Support’s chat icon loads together with a website. The messenger loads only after a visitor clicks live chat button
  • Truly native operator consoles for Window MacOS and Linux. Provide Support’s console is not just a simple version of browser based console which can be installed on a desktop. This is a powerful application which allows keeping information about chat session in case of Internet connectivity issues, it provides detailed real time monitoring results, file transfer and profile managers together with convenient and intuitive interface
  • Possibility to import, export and group canned responses
  • Rich set of live chat icons and possibility to add a chat button / chat link to any position on a websites
  • A wide range of chat window customization opportunities
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Live Chat for Bigcommerce

In this video guide you will find detailed instructions for adding Provide Support live chat software to your Bigcommerce website:

10 ways live chat can help you grow your business

In one of our latest inforgraphics we tell about importance of live chat for business and how this customer service tool can help you not only grow your sales but also attract new customers and improve the overall customer experience level:

10 Ways Live Chat Can Help you Grow your Business [Infographic]

AI chatbots vs human powered chatline

Have you ever questioned yourself what your customers think about your new chat bot and whether they like their experience? In this blog post we asked customer service influencers about their opinion on this point. You can find out what they think and their recommendations in this blog post:

AI Chatbots Vs. Human Powered Live Chat: Which is Winning the Customer Service Game?

Knowing your customers will help improve the overall experience

The faster you answer your customer’s question the better will be your customer service level. However, while chatting with a customer you need to find out a lot of details to solve the issue. Pre-chat questionnaire helps collect all data to provide better assistance and solve the issue without delays. In our video we describe how pre-chat form works in Provide Support and what kind of information you can collect from your visitors.

 How to deal with customer complaints efficiently

This topic is always important to all customer service agents who fear to face a complaining and rude customer. However, there is nothing to worry about if you know how to behave and handle such customers. In this blog post we provided recommendations which will help customer service agents remain calm, confident and turn complaining customers into loyal ones. Enjoy:

How to Deal with Customer Complaints Effectively

To 20 customer service soft skills to master

In this infographic you will find information about most useful soft skills for customer support agents and how to master them. As a matter of fact, that you cannot come and start communicating with customers without experience or specific for this industry skills. Here is the list of most important soft skills any successful customer support agent should possess:

Top 20 Customer Service Soft Skills to Master (Infographic)

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