Top 20 Customer Service Soft Skills to Master (Infographic)

Today’s customer service involves more than a conversation face-to-face or on the phone. Email, live chat and social media have become important channels for consumers to engage with brands and seek for customer support. No matter how customer service is given to consumers, soft skills are essential for a successful customer service interaction.

In fact, soft skills are even more significant than technical skills as at the end of the day what your customers will remember is how they felt about your service. It’s the soft skills that make the difference between an average customer service professional and the one who can make customers feel fantastic about the help they got from your company.

The below Infographic highlights 20 most-needed customer service soft skills that every customer-facing employee in your organization must master to dramatically improve their interactions with customers and increase customer satisfaction. If you can think of any more soft skills to add to the list, feel free to share your ideas through the comments section.

Top 20 Customer Service Soft Skills to Master
Top 20 Customer Service Soft Skills to Master

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  1. Hi Mary, this is really great work. I will share this article with my customer-service and sales team. Keep sharing such useful infographics. Thanks a lot for posting this article.

  2. This is an excellent Infographic, Mary. Thank you. I’m re-doing my Customer Service training and you’ve given me some additional soft skills to include.

    What I’ve found, and you may have too, is that for some of these qualities to be displayed by the customer service professional, the culture of the company has to allow them to do that. For example, unless businesses are prepared to train their employees and trust that they will deliver a great experience every time, rather than micro-managing them, it’s challenging for them to display qualities like, flexibility, creativity, and decision-making.

    1. Thank you Yvonne, totally agree with you, very often certain skills and qualities of customer service people simply cannot be displayed because of a company’s culture.

  3. What a great job. I have posted the infographic in my blog’s today’s post! I just discovered this blog but it is already in my favourites.

    Thanks a lot for sharing the article.

  4. Great post. I would also say the majority of those skills are also required for a good manager. Interesting to see the overlap between skills required for customers services and those required for managerial positions.

  5. Something my guys definitely need to read! I think I might print this out and send them a text each day for the next 20 days!! #5 and #10 resonates on a daily basis in our line of work.

  6. OMG – Perfect info graphic. Going to share this with my staff to help them improve their customer service skills. Each skill seems to build on the next one and I like how it is laid out with simple statements. Thank you for this.

  7. This is worth the read. What a great article. I have learned a lot. Not only m,e but everyone should learn about Customer Service skills.

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