How to Deal with Customer Complaints Effectively

All businesses, even the most successful ones, will have unsatisfied customers every once in a while. But most of unhappy customers actually never bother to complain. They simply leave and switch to competitors without even letting you know when and how your company failed to meet their expectations. On the bright side, statistics says that 95% of those who complain, are ready to give you a second chance, if you manage to handle their initial complaint successfully and in a timely manner. So how to do it effectively and turn every complaint into a positive customer experience to win those customers over for life? It’s all about the attitude The key to successfully dealing with complaints is in the right attitude towards them. As simple as that. In fact, customer complaints should be embraced and seen as unsolicited feedback which is always a valuable source of information about your business. Customers don’t complain just to be rude or upset you. They do it because they’ve experienced a problem with your products, services or the way your business operates, and they’re simply telling you about it. Why not use this customer feedback as an incredible opportunity for learning where your business … Continue reading How to Deal with Customer Complaints Effectively