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How to Integrate your Live Chat button with GetResponse newsletter

If you use GetResponse system for sending newsletters to your customers, you can easily add your chat button code or link to emails and let your customers contact you in chat while reading your newsletters.

GetResponse allows adding the Chat Button Code for Emails to the HTML template and your Chat Link for Emails can be added to the Plain Text source. To proceed with this integration, please do the following:

  1. Log into your GetResponse admin panel and click there 'Create Newsletter'
  2. In the settings define your email settings like subject, 'From' email, etc.
  3. On the next step choose one of the available default templates or open your custom newsletter HTML.
  4. Insert the chat button code to your email HTML source. You can use Provide Support Chat Button or Link for Emails code which is available in the Provide Support account Control Panel on the My Account / Chat Button Codes page. You can place this code to the position you would like the chat button to appear. You can also add a direct link to your chat window to your plain text email source.
  5. Save your changes and proceed to the next step where you can define your recipients or campaigns.
  6. That's it!

Useful piece of advice: in case you would like to know that visitors contact you from your newsletters, you can pass additional variables with the link to the chat window. E.g.

  • your-account-name is your real account name
  • param1 ... paramN are parameters' names
  • value1 ... valueN are parameters' values

This information will appear in the operator console in Room Details tab for those customers who are in active chat sessions with you. Later these details will be passed to the chat transcripts and will appear in the Visitor Details section.

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