Start Chat and Leave a Message Forms

How to Customize Start Chat and Leave a Message Forms

What do Provide Support customers like most of all about our live chat product? With a great set of features Provide Support live chat window can be customized to match any website look and feel and allows collecting various information about customers through pre-chat survey and leave a message form. For many business owners it is important to collect information about customers and analyze it before and after the chat conversation. For this purpose we added a possibility to customize start chat and leave a message forms.

Start Chat Form Customizations

Pre-chat form or pre-chat survey can contain any number of fields as well as a custom greeting message. The content displayed on the pre-chat form will not slow down the website loading since it loads only after the chat button has been clicked.  

The following customizations are available for the pre-chat form:

  • Greeting message which is displayed on the top of the form. It supports basic HTML formatting.
  • It is possible to add any number of fields: name, text, email, message, Captcha, preset drop-down lists and custom drop-down lists. The information from those fields will appear in the Room Details tab during the chat and will be passed to the chat transcript after the conversation has been finished.
  • Data processing consent

In this video we will show you how to customize your pre-chat form:

Leave a Message Form Customizations

When your live chat is offline, you can either show your leave a message form, redirect your visitor to a different page or completely hide a live chat button.

Through leave a message form your customers can leave you messages when you are offline and you can reach to them later and help with questions they had. Like pre-chat form, the offline form can be also customized. It is possible to make the following updates:

  • Update greeting message which appears on the top of the form. Basic HTML is supported
  • Add data processing consent box and message
  • Request for additional details by adding fields: text fields, Captcha, predefined drop-down lists and custom drop-down lists. The details your customers enter into those fields will be passed to the email message and will appear in the email body

In this video we would like to show how the leave a message form looks and how to use it:

Over to you

While offering live chat customer service, it is important both to stay professional and remain human. Additional information about your customers will help you choose the right words, provide faster assistance with the issue or just better understand what kind of person is on the other side. Just take advantage of all available tools and features.