Start Chat and Leave a Message Forms

How to Customize Start Chat and Leave a Message Forms

What do Provide Support customers like most of all about our live chat product? With a great set of features Provide Support live chat window can be customized to match any website look and feel and allows collecting various information about customers through pre-chat survey and leave a message form. For many business owners it is important to collect information about customers and analyze it before and after the chat conversation. For this purpose we added a possibility to customize start chat and leave a message forms. Start Chat Form Customizations Pre-chat form or pre-chat survey can contain any number of fields as well as a custom greeting message. The content displayed on the pre-chat form will not slow down the website loading since it loads only after the chat button has been clicked.  

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Customizable Start Chat and Leave a Message Forms

Provide Support’s customizable Start Chat and Leave a Message Forms will help you in collecting as many details as possible from your customers to give them a head start with the conversation, streamlining the customer service process. The Start Chat From allows you to collect additional info about your visitors. You can add there the fields you’d like your visitors to fill out and this way get as many details from them as you need. This is really important in case you have a necessity to follow up your customers, call them back or just add their details to your database. During your chat sessions with customers those details will appear in the Room Details tab of your operator console and later you’ll find them at the bottom of your chat transcripts. 

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