8 best ways to obtain customer feedback

8 Best Ways to Obtain Customer Feedback [Infographic]

Whenever your customers contact you they can share their ideas and offer suggestions. This information is valuable both for business development and customer experience improvement. Your customers show your flaws and suggest where you need to work harder to bring your products or services to perfection. In fact, according to Microsoft research 52% of people around the globe believe that companies need to take action on feedback provided by their customers. Furthermore, that report also suggests that brands are viewed more favorably by 77% of consumers if they proactively invite and accept customer feedback. 

Main reasons why you should obtain customer feedback

By asking your customers for feedback you will get extremely valuable insight for your products or services. Here are main reasons why it is important to obtain customer feedback and improve your business based on it:

  • Your customers feel valued and involved
  • You learn what your customer like and don’t like
  • Your customers participate in your business development
  • Feedback both positive and negative encourages you constantly improve
  • Positive review generates personal recommendations
  • Feedback helps you win new customers
  • Showing that you listen helps you build loyalty for the brand

Attract brand advocates

By analyzing your customer feedback you can see who can become your most faithful followers and promote your products or services. Brand advocacy starts from one positive review and may grow into love to your brand. However, you need to work hard to acquire brand ambassadors and provide exceptional customer service throughout all channels to build strong relationship. These are the main ways to turn your customers into brand advocates:

  • Listen to your customers and thank for their feedback
  • Implement ideas and suggestions you get
  • WOW your customers
  • Provide fantastic customer service
  • Serve your customers on multiple channels
  • Reward your loyal customers

How to obtain customer feedback

There are many ways to obtain customer feedback. In this infographic we have collected most effective ones which will help you collect reviews and suggestions showing at the same time that you listen and are open to fresh ideas.

8 Best Ways to Obtain Customer Feedback
8 Best Ways to Obtain Customer Feedback

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