Prices update

Introducing Provide Support pricing update

Provide Support starts the process of prices increase implementation. These adjustments are necessary to continue delivering new and cutting-edge solutions, enabling you to provide exceptional customer service.

Provide Support, LLC has been offering live chat software for websites for almost 20 years. Our service is known to be the one of the most reliable on the market with 99.99% uptime. Like many SaaS companies we have been facing challenges such as inflation and raising hardware costs. However, our prices have remained the most reasonable on the market for many years and have never been increased.

Why we raised the price for our live chat subscription packages

While keeping our prices low we introduced many improvements and added useful and important features to our live chat service:

  • Chat performance stats
  • Chat transcripts storage and online viewing
  • Live chat agent app improvements
  • Access restriction configuration
  • Agent permissions configuration
  • Chat window redesign
  • Various modern live chat software features and improvements

All these features require additional hardware, storage and the hard work of our software developers team. However, unlike many competitors, we include all available features to our subscription packages. They differ only by a number of agents in the account and billing period. This way, when you purchase a subscription package, you can take advantage of all available functionality. This is very convenient as you do not need to waste your time on changing payment plan in case you require more live chat features.

How will I get notified?

All our customers who are charged automatically in their accounts will get a notification sent to their billing emails about changes in their payment plans prior to the end of their billing periods. For those users who pay manually, notifications will be sent along with their invoices for new billing periods.

How will the price changes take effect?

After new prices implementation subscription packages renewals and upgrades or downgrades will reflect the new pricing.

Will new prices apply to long-term packages?

You will be able to use your current subscription till the end of your billing period. A new price will apply to the new billing period. There will be no prorated charges or invoices.

What will happen if I decide to add more agents prior to the end of my current billing period?

If you decide to upgrade or downgrade before the expiration of your billing period, new prices will be applied to your new package. The remaining account balance will be deducted from your new subscription package price.

Will I receive a prorated bill when the price changes are announced?

There will be no prorated bill. You will be able to use your current subscription package till the end of its billing period. New prices will apply to a new billing period or in case you decide to upgrade or downgrade your current subscription package.