Customer Service Tips. The Secret of the Right Greeting

Customer Service Tips
Customer Service Tips

The first impression comes after the first greeting. Your customers like to be liked and to feel they are important. The first greeting may become a decisive factor for your website visitors to stay and continue purchasing or to leave. It tells customers who you are and how you feel and what kind of service to expect from you.

A kind greeting can become a competitive advantage for your business. After all, everyone likes to do business with a friendly sales person. If you want to stand out in a crowded market where consumers have too many choices, you need to go above and beyond with your customer service. In this blog post I would like to offer four customer service tips to greet your customers. Here they are: >>>

A Guide to Perfect Customer Service, or How to Reach a Customer Service Nirvana

A Guide to Perfect Customer Service
A guide to customer service nirvana

We are all dreaming of some perfect destination in our lives, in our businesses, in our relationships. A place which we could call home, where we can relax and savor each moment of existence. Does it exist? I feel that it does.

In my perception this place is very magical. It is a state of perfect balance where, once you reach it, everything gets taken care by itself, one element enabling and supporting the functioning of another and where everything is interconnected and interrelated. It is one whole self-sufficient entity. And because it does not need support from the outside, it is joyful, it is abiding in a state of nirvana.

How to reach this bountiful state? Whether we are talking about customer service or any other aspect of life, the first step in that direction is to recognize the fact the some things are out of balance now. Seeing clearly the dysfunction of the current state is the most important aspect of a journey back to a balanced state. >>>

How to Be a Happy Customer

What you can do to make yourself a happy customer
What it takes to be a happy customer

There are many talks around what companies should do to create happy customers. I suggest that we as customers share this responsibility with companies.  To a great extent it is in our power to have positive customer experience wherever we go and whatever we purchase. So what should we do for that?

If you observe your previous customer experience, you will probably agree with me that in general there are two reasons your happiness as a customer fails – either you are unhappy with the product that you have purchased, or you are unhappy with the service the company provided to you.

There are remedies for each type of failure. By paying attention to a few things below, you can minimize the risk of ending up an unhappy customer. >>>

Real-Time Visitor Monitoring in Chat Support: How to Enable and Use It

How to use real-time traffic monitoring in live chat support
The benefits of real-time visitor monitoring in chat support

As a live chat software provider, we saw many of our clients adding direct messenger links to their websites and missing on the opportunity to see additional details about their customers and improve the quality of their customer service. Direct links to the messenger, although they allow the customers to chat with the company, don’t have the capability to pass any information from the visitor’s browser.

While we are aware that some of the live chat tools available in the market today don’t have this feature, which may be the reason some of our customers are not expecting to see this functionality, we try to encourage our clients to utilize the chat tool to its full potential and make sure that they take advantage of the benefits that real-time monitoring offers. >>>

How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Live Chat Support Service

Increasing Live Chat Support Efficiency
How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Live Chat Support

Over the last few years as more people got more comfortable with and more used to online communication, live chat has grown in popularity as a professional business tool.

A recent Software Advice survey shows that over a half (56 percent) of respondents have used live chat at least once to ask a question on a company’s website while a little less than half (49% percent) prefer live chat for online-shopping questions to other communication tools.

Many new websites try to install the live chat support software and utilize it. Some, however, leave disappointed. One of the most common feedback comments we receive from customers who decide to stop providing the service on their website is “our audience is not using the tool, the engagement is not sufficient to justify the expense”. >>>

Live Chat Operator Console Getting Started Guide

Introduction to the live chat operator console
Getting started as a live chat support operator

We’ve been approached by our customers a few times for a short introduction to the live chat operator console. Although we have all the feature descriptions and “how to” instructions in our user manual, sometimes it is useful to have a short getting started guide to quickly introduce new team members to the application.

The most common feedback we received from our clients was that the chat application interface is quite intuitive and easy to navigate, so in this article we will not be describing all the console features in detail. In this post we would like to present a short guide describing the most useful operator console features on which our support team received the most inquiries and which appeared to be less intuitive to our clients. >>>

How to Deal with Customer Complaints Effectively

How to Deal with Customer Complaints
How to Deal with Customer Complaints

All businesses, even the most successful ones, will have unsatisfied customers every once in a while. But most of unhappy customers actually never bother to complain. They simply leave and switch to competitors without even letting you know when and how your company failed to meet their expectations. On the bright side, statistics says that 95% of those who complain, are ready to give you a second chance, if you manage to handle their initial complaint successfully and in a timely manner. So how to do it effectively and turn every complaint into a positive customer experience to win those customers over for life?

It’s all about the attitude

The key to successfully dealing with complaints is in the right attitude towards them. As simple as that. In fact, customer complaints should be embraced and seen as unsolicited feedback which is always a valuable source of information about your business. >>>

New Live Chat Updates from Provide Support

Google Analytics Integration
Google Analytics Integration

Provide Support is glad to announce new software improvements which have been implemented recently. They include not only new features but also server updates which make our service more stable and secure. Please take a look at the below features description.

Live Chat and Google Analytics Integration:

New feature of Google Analytics integration allows tracking as events initiated chat requests and sent offline messages. Two types of events are pushed to your Google Analytics account:

  • Chat Started – this event is pushed when a visitor fills out the pre-chat form and clicks ‘Start Chat’ button
  • Offline Message Sent – this event is pushed when a visitor sends an offline message >>>

10 ‘Must-have’ Skills for Being Awesome at Customer Service

Top 10 Customer Service Skills

It takes time, training, practice and dedication to become a rockstar in customer service. But it doesn’t have to be that hard when you know where exactly to focus your efforts on. Here’s the list of 10 most-needed skills that matter and that everyone involved in customer service should master and use in their daily interactions with customers.

# 1 Effective Listening

Listening is the key to effective communication. Without the ability to listen carefully to what a customer is saying, a message could be easily misunderstood and misinterpreted. As a result, communication breaks down leaving a customer frustrated. Listening isn’t just about hearing. A good listener will not only listen to what is being said, but also what is left unsaid or partially said. Luckily, if your listening skills are weak, there are certain techniques for improving them. >>>