Shopify apps for better customer experience

10 Shopify Apps for Better Customer Experience

Customer experience is one the most important factors for any business today. Without convenient purchasing process and polite communication your customers will end with one time purchase on your store. However, if they receive excellent service or get involved into a reward program, they may consider becoming your loyal customer and take advantage of the whole range of products or services you offer.

In this blog post we will help you find Shopify apps for better customer experience and explain how they can improve your store.

Provide Support Live Chat

Live chat Shopify app helps your business create convenient communication channel for customers who can contact you while browsing your website no matter where they are. At the same time your employees will get tools to communicate with customers, engage them while they are on your website and monitor their activity in real time. Provide Support offers one of the most reliable live chat tools on the market. They have been in business since 2006 successfully providing their customers with cutting edge communication technology. Seamless live chat integration with Shopify will let you add a click to chat button to your website with a couple of steps.


With understanding how existing customers are important for any business LoyaltyLion builds trust in your e-commerce business with help of reward programs for your customers. By using this platform you will create meaningful loyalty interactions and will get all tools needed to setup and run successful reward program.

Customer Guru

This Shopify app offers a really good insight into what is happening to your website by providing a detailed reporting. With help of surveys feature you can setup automatic survey scheduling and smart follow-ups which will increase the survey response rate. Moreover, you can embed positive reviews into your landing pages and make their conversion rate better.


If you sell subscription products, this app will make this process seamless and easy. Additionally, you can let your customers enable auto-delivery options for the products they love. They will thank you for this opportunity and the time you saved them.

Easy Contact Form

Provide unique customer experience by adding personalized customer feedback forms on your Shopify website. Such forms can be part of customer service channels you offer your customers, as some of them may prefer contacting you through such forms to ask questions or leave a feedback.

Wishlist Plus

The best way to maintain customer loyalty is to allow your customers create wish lists and come back later to your store for purchases. Wishlist even works for guest visitors and does not force them to register or log into their website account. Moreover, based on your customers’ wish lists you can plan marketing campaigns and reach your audience with personalized offers.

Directed Edge

Directed Edge is a product recommendation tool which allows you boost your personalization and set automatic recommendations on related products, top products, recently viewed, products bundle, etc. This way your customers will get an offer for additional products which they may purchase. Such tool helps increase not only sales, but the overall customer satisfaction level.

Loyalty program is one of the best ways to keep your customers and transfer new purchases into repeated ones. With you can create your brand community where your customers start promoting for you, helping reduce on expensive advertising campaigns. At the same time your repeat customer rate will grow every year.

Product reviews

Isn’t it great to get a detailed product review which will help other customers make the right choice in your store? The app comes with flexible design features and makes reviews indexed on Google. This way anyone looking for the product on Google can find it in your store by reading the respective review.


Emails which match your store’s branding are very important if you want your store to look professional and trustworthy. OrderlyEmails helps e-commerce brands customize emails which are sent to customers through Shopify engine: invoices, order confirmation emails, etc. Keep your emails consistent with your store’s look and feel.

These Shopify apps for better customer experience will help you increase your sales and improve your customer service quality. Though not all of them are free, the resulted income will prove that the investment was right.