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Retain Students and Increase Enrollment with Live Online Help

Many educational institutions have online sites for prospective and current students to register for classes, apply for financial aid, and request information.

Although electronic forms have helped with the processing of paperwork, if students need help with these forms, they cannot get help without sending emails or making phone calls.

Provide Support live chat software solves such problems by allowing administration staff and faculty to chat with website visitors in real-time via text-messaging in a private chat window, allowing them to reach out to students who need assistance. Live chat allows staff to quickly help current and prospective students filling out online forms and seeking information. Answering questions online is much more time efficient than employees taking telephone call after telephone call.

Provide Support live chat software is very easy to use. When students need help or request information, they click on a Live Assistance button on the website, which opens a private message window. The student fills in the pre-defined information fields, adds a question, and then clicks on the "Start Chat" button. The staff member receives the chat request, reviews the information, and decides whether to accept. If the request is accepted, the staff member and student communicate with each other via real-time text messaging.

Administrative staff can also transfer chats to staff in other departments that are better able to answer specific questions. Other staff can join a chat. All chats between the administrator and visitor are private and cannot be seen by other visitors to the site.

Provide Support Live Help enables staff to give immediate live assistance to current and prospective students and imparts a modern, professional image to website visitors.

Key Advantages of Using Provide Support on Educational Institution Websites

  • Efficient Staff Multitasking
    One operator may assist several students at the same time, decreasing telephone and material costs.
  • Increased Student Enrollment
    Recruiters can monitor the university website and cultivate interest in prospective students by proactively inviting them to chat.
  • Creation of Live Catalogs
    Students browsing the online course catalogs can click on a Live Chat button to chat with department staff if they have questions about courses or degree programs.
  • Simple Operator Interface
    The intuitive, easy-to-use operator console can be quickly learned by everyday users. Provide Support software does not require a computer science degree or even a continuing education course to figure out how to use it!

Convenience for Staff and Students

Provide Support allows prospective and current students to check the status of applications, inquire about housing, curriculum, and get instant answers to their questions. Administrators can also assist visitors by sending them to particular page that they are looking for or perhaps to a form they wish to complete online.

Canned Messages

Canned answers save time by giving instant responses to common questions such as "Who can I complain to about my parking ticket?" Answering such questions in a chat session is much faster than staff taking telephone call after telephone call, to answer the same questions and transfer calls.

Quality Control

Transcripts of all chat sessions may be automatically sent to any email address. Information from these chats can be used for quality control purposes, training new employees, and deciding which information needs to be added to the website, catalogs, and other information sources.

Personalize the Chat Experience for Each Department

Each department can customize the appearance of its live chat window with a photo or individual logo. Chat window may be customized to reflect school colors, logo, etc. Greetings and system messages may also be changed to suit the department. Staff may put individual address into the system so that students can email them if they are not available for live chat.

Better Promote and Market Your Institution

Real-time monitoring also helps your schools' recruitment department by showing them from where your website visitors are originating. This gives recruiters knowledge of what works and what does not in advertising for the school. In order to better utilize advertising dollars this information gives them the opportunity to quickly adjust any pay search engine promotions to better attract prospective students.

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