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Expand Your ISP/Host Business with Live Website Chat

In today's highly competitive ISP/host industry, any edge in sales or service you have over your competitors can make the difference in whether you gain or lose a new customer.

Additionally, it is vital that you provide exceptional technical support to your current customers to maintain their satisfaction and business. Having live technical support available through your website, especially if your competitors don't, may be the crucial selling point that compels a potential customer to choose your service over another - and the reason your current customers want to stay with you.

Provide Support live chat is very easy to use. When a customer needs technical support or has a question about your service, he or she clicks on the Live Help button on your website, which opens a private message window. The visitor fills in the information fields you've defined, adds a question, and then clicks on the "Start Chat" button. You receive the chat request, review the information, and decide whether to accept. If you do, you communicate with your visitor via real-time text messaging.

Live chat benefits your current subscribers. If they are having problems, they will easily be able receive technical support through your website. It will be less expensive for you to give these customers support, because it means that you don't have to maintain an expensive toll-free 800 number. Utilizing Internet chat, your business and the ecommerce businesses you host can save up to 80 percent on sales and customer support costs.

Provide Support allows website visitor monitoring. Sales staff can proactively engage visitors to chat by asking if they need assistance or have questions about the service. All information that can be given over the phone can be given more efficiently in live chat, and no one gets put on hold. The operator can also use the chat session to offer the visitor a discount or promotional offer.

Live website chat is a crucial part of any business where technical support is a key selling feature. With Provide Support you can offer the fast, courteous service you currently do and increase sales by offering your customers live chat as a value-added package.

Key Advantages of Combining Provide Support with Your ISP/Hosting Business

  • Increased Sales
    Boost online sales and customer satisfaction with real-time website visitor interaction.
  • Easy Implementation
    No software or plug-ins are required on the customer side; web page implementation is just a short snippet of chat button HTML inserted into the web page source code.
  • Enhanced Communication
    Provide Support facilitates operator-to-operator chats for additional sales and technical assistance.
  • Profit by Selling Live Chat
    Increase profits by becoming a Provide Support affiliate or selling our chat service to your customers as a value-added package.

Partnership and Affiliate Opportunities

Provide Support delivers business critical communication and messaging solutions to individuals, small businesses and corporations throughout the world. We openly welcome business alliances with complimentary businesses and service providers. Affiliates receive 30 percent of cost per subscription. Please visit our Affiliate Program for more details.

Live Chat as a Value-Added Package

Provide Support chat is also profitable as a value-added package that you can sell to customers using your service. The service is easy to sell and offers an outstanding return on the investment for your customers. Your customers will love the ability to have live chat on their websites. And while they benefit from live sales and increased customer satisfaction, and you will benefit with increased profits.

Improve Communication

The operator-to-operator chat invitation feature allows for private company-wide communication. Operators can chat with each other, invite other operators to assist in answering a customer's question, or transfer a chat to other operators. This background communication is transparent to your customers; all they know is that are getting great service.

Secure and Stable

The live chat feature need not be made available to the general public. By placing the chat button on a password protected page, you can set up the service as a private conferencing facility for your paying clients. Provide Support supports industry-standard encryption for chat sessions containing sensitive information. Our automated tools and technicians monitor the system 24/7, assuring 99.9 percent uptime.

Monitor Your Website for Chat Requests - Anytime, Anywhere

Provide Support's online architecture allows you to conveniently monitor your website for chat requests 24/7 from any system with access to the Internet. The optional standalone windows console runs in the system tray and pops up when your website visitor requests support. This way you can work on your computer as usual and still be available to give online help. If you are offline or unavailable to answer chats, you will receive prompt, reliable email from our system.

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