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Exceed Customer Expectations with Live Chat on Your Retail Website

As the Internet has matured, online shoppers are expecting more from online merchants. They want instant answers to their questions; they want their online transactions backed by customer support; they want a positive shopping experience.

Having Provide Support's live chat feature on your website allows you to fill these needs. Online customer support chat is the e-commerce tool that enables you to make friendly, personable contact with each and every visitor that comes to your retail website.

Provide Support software can make your website visitors feel as though they are visiting a brick and mortar retail store. They can be greeted when they enter; products that suit their needs can be shown to them. If they need assistance, their questions can be answered online in real time. Promotions and discounts can be offered to them while they are browsing. Such real-time interaction provides a high quality shopping experience. Customers will remember their positive experience and keep coming back.

Having live help support on your website projects the image that your company is service oriented. The Live Support button itself on your website will foster confidence in uncertain, first-time customers. The button shows that a live person will be available to help if they have customer service issues.

Behind-the-scenes tools make Provide Support live help service useful for marketing professionals. The operator console gives information about site visitors, such as the referring page. This information can be used to gauge the effectiveness of cost-per-click and search engine advertising campaigns. No more money will be wasted on ineffective keywords and poorly placed advertisements.

Provide Support Live chat is a serious sales and customer support tool that will help you turn your website visitors into clients.

Key Advantages of Using Provide Support in E-Commerce

  • Increased Sales
    Real-time website visitor interaction adds a live sales person to your static retail website.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    Live customer support will decrease your toll-free phone bill.
  • Marketing Tool
    Information from website monitoring helps with the improvement of marketing strategies.
  • Fast and Efficient Communication
    Provide Support facilitates operator-to-operator chats for additional sales assistance.

Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Many sales are lost at the point of ordering. Potential customers become hesitant about providing personal information during the purchasing process, leading them to abandon their shopping cart. Using Live Assistance, you can assure completion of the sale by walking them through the process.

Reduce Overhead While Providing More Efficient Service

Provide Support software enables one operator to help several customers at the same time, so fewer sales and customer service representatives are needed to perform the same job. Live chat service is affordable, even for small businesses. More so, with the typical customer support telephone call averaging $5 per incident, it is crucial to have live support on the website. Provide Support cuts monthly phone bills, as time consuming calls can now be handled through the company website.

Increase Conversion Rates

Market research has shown that conversion rates are higher for customers that are able to interact via live chat while visiting a website. Visitors are much more likely to click a live help button and request assistance than look up a phone number and call. Internet technology has raised customer expectations. They want answers right away, and if they're online via a single line modem connection, they're not likely take the trouble to disconnect and call.

Improve Communication

The operator-to-operator chat invitation feature Provide Support allows for private company-wide communication. Operators can chat with each other, invite other operators to assist in answering a customer's question, or transfer a chat to other operators. This background communication is transparent to your customers; all they know is that are getting great service.

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