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Improve Car Rental Satisfaction with Live Website Chat

Travel is big business, and the proliferation of car rental agencies in the last few years has dramatically increased the competition, making it harder than ever to attract customers and make a profit.

Agencies need to be more inventive than ever to gain new customers and keep the previous ones coming back. They must offer superior customer service. They must be accessible. They must make renting a car easy to do for as many people as possible. Live support chat enables car rental agencies to do all of this and more.

Provide Support live help software allows car rental agencies to make friendly, personable contact with every visitor that comes to your car rental website. You can greet them when they enter and receive information from them in real time on what kind of vehicle they want and exactly when they want it. If they have a particular need, they can tell you right away. If an online form needs to be filled out, you can be there to give assistance.

Any information that can be given on the phone can be given more efficiently in a live customer chat. You can show prospective customers online photos of cars and send them to pages showing special discounts and promotions. If your online customer also needs hotel accommodations or some other travel service, you can help them on the spot by directing their browser to one of your online business partners.

Live support chat allows you to give instant assistance to the occasional customer who doesn't have time to wait for an email response, for example, the customer who needs a car right away because his own car has broken down, or the business traveler that needs to make last minute changes in a reservation.

Live website support projects the image that your agency is customer service oriented. The Live Help button instills confidence in uncertain first-time customers and people not used to making car rentals over the Internet. The Live Help icon shows people that a real person will be available to help them if they have customer service issues.

Provide Support live help service is the sales tool that activates your passive car rental website with live sales and customer service. It's the standout feature that will make your website visitors want to rent a car from you over your competitors.

Key Advantages of Using Provide Support in Car Rentals

  • Instant Online Sales
    Swiftly assist the occasional online visitor that needs to rent a car right away and doesn't have time to wait for an email response.
  • Efficient Information Transfer
    Show your website visitors photos of cars, driving directions to the agency, roadmaps, and much more during the live help chat session.
  • Call Prioritization
    Operators can see at a glance which visitor is making the live chat request and where they are calling from, so those clients who need the help most urgently be assisted soonest.
  • Improved Inter-Office Communication
    Provide Support facilitates transferable chats and agent-to-agent chats for additional help.

Cut Costs and Improve Service

Provide Support live chat is cost effective for rental agencies of all sizes. With the cost of a typical customer telephone call being averaging $5, live website chat will help to cut your monthly toll free and telephone costs.

Fewer operators will be needed to answer calls. Instant online support means that customers no longer need to be put on hold during peak calling hours and get the attention they need.

Enhance Communication

Agents can conduct multiple chats at once, and each live chat takes place in a private window so only the agent and the visitor can see it. If an agent needs assistance, he or she may invite another agent into the chat or hand off the chat to a different agent.

Monitor Website Activity

Behind-the-scenes tools make Provide Support software useful for gauging the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The operator console gives information about site visitors, such as the referring page, country of origin, and even the city. No more money will be wasted on ineffective CPC campaigns and poorly placed advertisements.

Enhance Quality Control

Transcripts of all chats are sent to a predefined address for later review or as confirmation that the correct reservations were requested and made. Review of chat transcripts can be used for quality control purposes, training new employees, and deciding which information needs to be added to the website.

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