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Live Chat Improves Customer Service on Financial Service Websites

In the aggressive financial services industry, you want every edge over your competitors. You want to make yourself accessible to your customer's financial needs.

You want to have a strong Internet presence to convert website visitors into customers. Provide Support live website chat is your solution. If your financial institution doesn't have live customer service through your website, especially when your competitors already do, your institution could be losing sales and customer service opportunities.

Provide Support Live Chat allows your financial institution representatives (operators) to interact with website visitors in a private, business environment. It's proven that website visitors appreciate the ability to chat with a live person if they need assistance. This type of interaction is extremely beneficial for both the institution and the customer and offers a convenient way to make initial contact, setup up appointments, and provide information.

If you are a bank or lending institution, website visitors can get live, up-to-date information on current interest rates, mortgages, annuities, small business loans, and much more. If you are an online credit card authorization site for ecommerce sites, you can give visitors explanations and assistance if their credit cards fail authorization. If your financial organization uses online applications loan prequalification or opening new accounts, potential customers having difficulty filling out the application will be less likely to abandon the application process if live assistance is available.

Live chat speeds the flow of information between your institution and the website visitor; all information that can be given over the phone can be more expeditiously given during a live chat session. For example, operators can send website visitors to pages containing driving directions to local branch offices. Unlike with telephone calls, visitors can readily be shown pages with complex legal information and graphical information, such charts and tables.

Provide Support's website monitoring feature helps in the detection of fraud. The operator console allows your representatives to see country and city of origin of website visitors. With this information, your representatives can readily tell if website visitors have legitimate business with your organization; time-wasting, non-legitimate chat requests can be screened out.

Provide Support does more than give assistance to website visitors and screen calls - it's also a serious online sales tool. At any time, representatives may actively invite website visitors to chat in order to proactively sell your service. You can also see your visitors' referring pages - how they found your site. Such information can be collected and used to gauge the effectiveness of Internet promotion campaigns.

No matter your type of financial institution, Provide Support live website support helps your financial institution project a modern, professional image while lowering customer service costs. It's the solution that pays dividends in sales and increased customer satisfaction.

Key Advantages of Using Provide Support on Financial Services Websites

  • Live Website Help
    Swiftly answer questions from the occasional online visitor who needs help right away or doesn't have time to wait for an email response.
  • Efficient Staff Multitasking
    One operator may assist several customers at the same time, which reduces telephone and material costs.
  • Simple Operator Interface
    The intuitive, easy-to-use operator console can be quickly learned by everyday users; inexperienced computer users can become "online" after only a few minutes of familiarization.
  • Website Visitor Monitoring
    The operator interface shows the country and city of origin of website visitors. Great for gathering statistical information on advertising campaigns.

Convenience for Both Representatives and Customers

Provide Support allows your customers to check the status of loan applications, inquire about current interest rates, down payment amounts, and get speedy answers to complex questions.

If a representative needs assistance, he or she may invite another agent into the chat or hand off the chat to a different agent.

Assured Privacy

Each chat takes place in a private room, so only the operator and the visitor can see it. Chats containing sensitive information, such as account numbers, can take place over secure connections using Provide Support's industry-standard encryption. You can also place your chat button on secure and password-protected web pages, so that only your current customers have access to live support.

Canned Answers to Save Time

Prewritten "canned" answers save time by giving instant responses to common questions such as "Where can I mail my payment to?" and "Where is your closest branch located?" Using canned responses, answering such questions in a chat session is much faster than staff taking telephone call after telephone call, giving out the same information over and over. The time saving means fewer operators are needed to answer calls.

Chat Transcripts for Training and Quality Control

Transcripts of all chat sessions may be automatically sent to any email address. Information from these chats can be used for quality control purposes, training new staff, and determining which information might need to be added to the website.

Personalize the Chat Experience for Each Representative

Each representative can customize the appearance of his chat window with a photo. The chat window may be customized to show company colors, logo, etc. Greetings and system messages may also be changed in accordance with corporate style. Representatives may put their individual address into the system so that their customers can email them if they are not available for live chat.

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