Top 3 customer service trends

Top 3 Customer Service Trends for 2019 [Infographic]

Did you know that 64% of people think that customer experience is more important than price in their choice of brand? The new trends in customer service are emerging day by day and one cannot just overlook them. Though 2019 year will not become the year if AI in customer service, the impact of technology and customer demand on it cannot remain unnoticed. Customer service now becomes a competitive advantage for many companies during the sales process. Thus the main goal for businesses in not only to explore and implement new technologies but also do their best to WOW their customers and offer memorable customer experience

In this infographic we highlighted the main customer service trends for 2019:

  • Personalization of customer service. More and more customers stay loyal if they enjoy their customer experience and the level of customer service. They like to be recognized and value their time.
  • Self-service. Convenient self-service options allow customers to find answers to most questions they have. Self-service helps to save both customer’s time and optimize costs businesses spend on customer service.
  • Seamless and delightful customer experience. Excellent and memorable customer experience is a competitive advantage for businesses. Such approach wins not only customer loyalty but also attracts brand advocates who spread positive word on social media channels.
Top 3 Customer Service Trends for 2019
Top 3 Customer Service Trends for 2019

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