Live chat language customization. How to install and use it

Multi-lingual live chat support

Provide Support offers a universal live chat tool with the Visitor Messenger which allows customization into your local language and guarantees smooth performance no matter what language you operate it in.

Chat with your customers in any language

Our operator live chat console supports characters of almost all world’s languages. Whatever language you speak, you can interact with your clients in that language and be sure that your messages will be displayed to them correctly. >>>

Choosing the Best Chat Button Code for Your Site – Part 2

Chat Button and Text Chat Link Codes
Chat Button and Text Chat Link Codes

In our previous article we described several available chat button codes options and features coming with them. In this part we will continue digging further to discover what is available with Provide Support system and how those codes can be utilized and integrated with your website.


Choosing the Best Chat Button Code for your Website

chat button codes
How to choose the right chat button code

Provide Support offers different chat button and text chat link codes which can be used on your website pages. Selecting the right code and the right position for the chat button or the text chat link sometimes can be a tough task. Here we will offer you lots of useful recommendations and pieces of advice which will help you to make the integration task easier. We will also describe all available options with our chat button and text chat link codes, including integration instructions.


Choosing the most proper dimensions for your header image

Header Background Picture is displayed at the top of the Visitor Chat Messenger. It is usually the best place to showcase your company logo.

Header Picture in the Messenger
Header Background Picture in the Visitor Chat Messenger

What parameters should you set for it so that it looks good and does not interfere with other parts on the messenger screen? >>>

How to pass additional visitor details from your website to the operator console

How to Pass Additional Visitor Details from Your Website to the Chat Console

Many of you may have wondered, “The operator console gives me a lot of details about the users, but I have also some custom information available through my website and I would like to pass that to the operators as well. Is this possible?”

You may want to avoid asking customers the same questions twice, or just be able to better understand their behavior on your website or learn their shopping habits. Whatever your reason is, the answer is “Yes, you can pass any information from your website directly to the chat console”.

How to pass custom details?

We’ll try to explain it in this article very simply.


Customizable Start Chat and Leave a Message Forms

Provide Support’s customizable Start Chat and Leave a Message Forms will help you in collecting as many details as possible from your customers to give them a head start with the conversation, streamlining the customer service process.

Customizable Start Chat Forms
Customizable Start Chat Forms

The Start Chat From allows you to collect additional info about your visitors. You can add there the fields you’d like your visitors to fill out and this way get as many details from them as you need. This is really important in case you have a necessity to follow up your customers, call them back or just add their details to your database. During your chat sessions with customers those details will appear in the Room Details tab of your operator console and later you’ll find them at the bottom of your chat transcripts.  >>>