How to Choose the Right Customer Service Strategy (Infographic)

Your products or services can be the best on the market but if you don’t treat your customers well, you can kiss your business goodbye. Developing the right strategy for your customer service will help you both attract new customers and keep your existing ones. The great customer service begins with being employee focused. Only happy and satisfied employees will treat your customers well and provide them excellent customer service experience.

On the other hand, if your employees are not happy with your company strategy they will not care about what your customers feel. So, before you start developing the right customer service strategy you first need to focus on your employees and ensure they are happy with their jobs and do their best to boost your business. >>>

Are Your Customers Happy? Rethink Your Customer Service Strategy for 2015

Planning Your Customer Service Strategy for 2015
Planning Your Customer Service Strategy for 2015

An effective customer service strategy is vital for building and growing a successful business, no matter the size or industry. If you’re planning a quicker growth and bigger profits for your business in 2015, it’s time to start rethinking your customer service strategy to get a jump on your competitors. What exactly can you do to make it better? Here are 6 steps to building a winning customer service strategy:

1. Make Outstanding Customer Service a Priority

How do you really think of customer service? If it’s just about getting things fixed when something goes wrong – it’s an after the fact, reactive attitude. Thinking this way might be harmful for your business. A proactive attitude is seeing customer service as a total experience, a process of engaging with prospects before and after they become your customers. When done right, customer service becomes your positive, long-term reputation. Make it a priority and ensure that everyone in your organization shares this vision and lives up to it consistently. >>>

Why Do Businesses Still Provide Terrible Customer Service?

Why Businesses Still Provide Terrible Customer Service
Why Businesses Still Provide Terrible Customer Service

As most business owners already know, it’s all too easy to lose valuable customers in today’s competitive, accelerated, consumer-powered marketplace. And providing terrible customer service is one of the fastest ways to make it happen. So why do we still see so many examples of companies offering awful customer service? There might be 6 major reasons for that:

Failing to realize the cost of bad customer service

Some businesses simply fail to realize and acknowledge the importance of customer service and, particularly, the financial impact of poor customer service on their organizations. Here’s some curious statistics to get you rethinking your customer service strategy: >>>

7 Reasons Why Your Customers Are Leaving You

7 Reasons Why Customers Are Leaving You
7 Reasons Why Customers Are Leaving You

When complaining customers walk away from your business, it’s easy to understand why. What about those who go quietly? If you think about it and try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, there’s always a reason why they get frustrated and leave. Most probably, you are losing your customers because of the following reasons:

# 1 You don’t care about your customers’ needs

Is your company customer-centric? If it really is, then the very first question you should be asking yourself every day is – “How can I help my customers?” instead of “What can I sell to my customers?”. The truth is your customers are the sole reason your business exists and brings you profits. But lots of companies seem to have forgotten that. If you’re focused on only your own needs and don’t put your customers at the core of your business, you’re most likely to be playing a losing game. >>>

5 Steps to Making Your Customer Service Really Shine

How to Make Your Customer Service Shine

Whatever your business is, your customers don’t really care how good and unique your products or services are. Unless they are 100% satisfied with the level of the customer service they get from your company, they might easily switch to your competitors in a blink of an eye.

To grow your business and stay on top in today’s highly competitive marketplace, you have to realize that it’s the Customer Service that really determines your business success. Statistics says that over 50% of U.S. consumers switched their service providers in 2013 due to poor customer service experiences, as stated in the Accenture 2013 Global Consumer Pulse Survey >>>

10 Steps to Reinventing Your Customer Service Strategy for the New Year

Developing Effective Customer Service Strategy for the New Year
Developing Customer Service Strategy

In the over-saturated market of similar products and services, customer service is receiving more and more importance in the customers’ eyes.

According to a recent study, in 2013 customer service became the number one factor that made consumers choose another service provider. 60% of customers cited it as their primary reason for switching. Product price came only second.

If consumers are giving so much value to customer service, it’s time to take a look how you could do it better to earn customer loyalty. >>>