Social Media Customer Service: Why It Can’t Be Ignored [Infographic]

In this age of growing customer service demands social media cannot be used only for marketing purpose. More and more customers post their complaints, questions and share their experience about different companies through social media channels. Those brands which assist their customers in Facebook, Twitter, monitor forums and discussion boards notice positive feedback from customers and new customers coming from social media networks.

Social media has rapidly become a powerful tool not only for customer engagement, but also for driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you still ignore this channel in your customer support workflow, check the below statistics:

Social Media Customer Service
Social Media Customer Service

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  1. Love the infographic Olga, I completely agree that customer service and social media are the perfect match these days but sometimes I get worried by the people who assume social media is the answer for everything. Personally I feel that using social media for customer service is greatly down to the size of your company and how well known it is, setting up a whole dedicated team for it when no one mentions your brand obviously makes little sense.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Marius. I totally agree that using social media for customer service really depends on how big and well known your company is. However, it is still important to monitor social media channels and answer complaints or just check what your customers tell about your company.

  2. Olga, I run a company that provides customer recovery and feedback services for large brands; typically, we are dealing with unhappy customers and the normal channels of communication are phone, web, email and text. We have developed a social media channel solution, but are struggling with two main questions:

    1. Should a negative comment about a brand be taken “off-line” to resolve?
    2. Should the brand use its own Social Media staff to engage, or outsource it to a third party?

    Would love to get your input.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Rich.

      I think that negative comment should not be resolved offline. It’d be better to resolve it publicly and let your customers see that you take care of complaints and negative feedback. In case you hide it those customers who have seen it before will notice this and may think that you simply remove negative comments and leave them unattended.

      As to outsourcing social media staff it depends on the size of your company, business strategy and budget. It is definitely better to have in-house team, especially when social media marketing and customer service staff works shoulder to shoulder and cooperate in resolving different issues. However, if a brand outsources customer service staff there will be no harm if they also outsource social media team.

  3. Very nice and informative info-graphic and I completely agree on the point that customer service can’t be ignored and even should not be delayed these days. Additionally, I really believe that mentioning the problems or issues we are facing with a company on social media sites expedite the customer service process.
    I was drafting an article on a similar topic and the data you shared here will help a lot. Will link back to this page so that my readers can get more information and data from your post.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Sonia and for sharing our infographic with your readers. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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