live chat plugin for your Word Press website

How to Choose the Right Live Chat Plugin for your WordPress Website

More and more websites today are managed with help of WordPress platform. The growing audience of website owners creates the growing demand for various plugins that facilitate not only website management process but also help improve customer experience. Live chat plugin can be easily added to your WP and will allow your website visitors to chat with you in real time. However, how to choose the right plugin and what kind of challenges can website owners face? 

Business challenges and live chat

Live chat is not only a nice button added to your website. This powerful tool helps to solve various customer service issues, improve your overall customer satisfaction rate and increase sales. Customers can reach your team in real time while working or waiting for their coffee. There is no need to listen to your IVR and follow boring steps to get connected to an operator. With live chat your customers can browse your online store and ask questions about items they are interested in.

For complicated technical issues, live chat has various tools which help to see the problem without asking unnecessary questions, get access to additional information available in your database and save chat conversations for future analysis.

Live chat software reliability

Live chat software is one of the most reliable customer support tools. Provide Support live chat software has 99.99% uptime and offers 24/7 customer service. In addition, you can use secure connection for your chats and your chat transcripts and offline messages are sent via secure channel.

For our customers live chat has proven to be one of the most reliable communication tools which allows them to  assist in real time, increase sales and get information about website visitors in real time.

Easy and intuitive integration

Provide Support offers WordPress live chat plugin which can be easily added to your website. Take a look at our detailed video tutorial and add live chat software to your WordPress website:

Cost effective live chat solution

Provide Supports offers not only chatting tool, but also allows you monitor your website in real time. Rich set of features together with wide range of live chat window customizations are available for quite an affordable price with volume and annual discounts. Provide Support prices model is affordable both for small businesses and large corporations.

Partnership opportunities

For web developers Provide Support offers affiliate program which allows getting 30% affiliate commission from all payments made by referrals. This means not only one-time payment but long and fruitful cooperation between live chat provider and web masters who recommend our service to their customers. To become a partner you do not need to have a paying subscription. You can just register a free trial account and use it to track your referrals.

Provide Support customer service team is available round the clock should you have any questions or need assistance with live chat tool.