Provide Support Live Chat Features

Check the detailed information about Provide Support service features. Embedded customizable live chat window, real-time visitor monitoring, native operator console with spell checker, and many more.

Download Provide Support features overview

Live Chat

  • Easy Integration with Your Web Site
  • No Software Installation Required
  • Manage Multiple Rooms Simultaneously
  • Call Transfer
  • Operator to Operator Calls
  • Proactive Chats
  • Chat Transcripts

Native Operator Console

  • Autorun when OS Starts
  • Hiding to System Tray
  • Idle Detection
  • Popups and Sound Alerts
  • Operator Profiles

Real-Time Visitor Monitoring

  • Visitor List
  • Geo Location Map
  • Navigation History
  • IP-to-location
  • Browser and OS details
  • Referring URL
  • Search engine keywords

Customization and Branding

  • Chat Icon Customization
  • Pre-chat Form Customization
  • Visitor Messenger Customization
  • System Messages Customization
  • Proactive Invitation Customization
  • Post Chat Survey Customization

Spell Checker

  • Spell Checker for 12 Languages
  • Automatic Spell Checking
  • User Dictionary
  • Suggestion List
  • General Options
  • Suggestion Options
  • Language Dependent Options

Other Features

  • Auto-Changing Icon
  • Translation into any Language
  • Web Page Push
  • Canned Responses
  • "Party is typing" notification
  • Leave-a-Message Form
  • Google Analytics integration