live chat data protection and privacy

Data Security and Protection at Provide Support

GDPR compliance is demanded of all businesses handling EU citizens’ data by 25 May 2018. For companies across every industry, the paradigm of data privacy has changed fundamentally. Under GDPR, companies must follow uniform rules on how personal data is processed or face severe penalties.

These data security rules are applied to all companies using live chat technology as communication channel. Thus they need to adapt their data processing policies. Provide Support developed tools to meet these rules and help businesses to follow data protection regulations. 

Data security and privacy

Data security and privacy is the highest priority for Provide Support. Our servers are located in the best US data centers with 24/7/365 multiple-layer security access, infrastructure and perimeter monitoring. By default secure connection is enabled in all new accounts created on our website. You can also enable it in your account Control Panel on the Account Settings / Connection page. We use the latest TLS protocol with industry-strength AES-256 encryption for secure connection.

Chat transcripts and offline messages sending

Both chat transcripts and offline messages are sent via encrypted channel. Chat transcripts remain on the chat server only during the conversation. If chat transcripts sending option is enabled in your account, chat transcripts are destroyed after being sent to your email. If this option is disabled they are destroyed immediately after the chat session has been completed. Private information like visitors’ IPs and host names can be removed both from chat transcripts and offline messages. You’d need to check this option in your account Control Panel on the Account Settings / Privacy Settings page.

File transfer

In Provide Support Live Chat system files are sent over a secure connection and are temporarily stored on the chat server during the chat session. They are linked to particular chat session and only participants of that chat conversation can download them. Files are removed right after the chat conversation has been completed.

Real time monitoring

Real time monitoring results are stored only while a website visitor is browsing a website. If you would like to hide sensitive information like IP address and host name, you can enable this option on the Account Settings / Privacy Settings page. This way the information will be hidden both in motioning results, chat transcripts and offline messages.

Data processing consent text

We also added a possibility to add a customizable consent text to the pre-chat and offline forms. By putting a checkmark in the consent checkbox your visitors will agree with the data processing consent and will be able to start chatting with your team.