How to add a chat button to is a free, modern cloud email service from Microsoft. It replaced Hotmail as Microsoft webmail service on August 15, 2012. allows  adding not only links to email signatures but also chat buttons.

To add a chat button to your signature, please do the following:

  1. Open your account
  2. Click Options (a cogwheel icon) at the top right of the window, to the left from your name to open a menu
  3. In the menu click More mail settings
  4. Click Message font and signature link in the Writing email section
  5. Switch Mode in Personal signature field toolbar from Rich text to Edit in HTML
  6. Copy your chat button code from the Setup Instructions / Chat Button or Link for Emails page in your account Control Panel (please use the version for HTML email messages)
  7. Paste the code to the Personal signature field
  8. Remove all comments from the code (comments are first and last lines: <!– BEGIN Chat Button Code for Emails –> and <!– END Chat Button Code for Emails –>)
  9. Press Save button
  10. To check if signature has been updated successfully click Message font and signature once again – your chat button should be visible in Personal signature field

Please note! will modify your code a little but this modification won’t affect its functionality