5 Reasons your Customer Service isn’t Human Enough

5 Reasons your Customer Service isn’t Human Enough

Digital customer service becomes more and more popular among businesses. And the reasons for switching to other than phone customer service channels are more than obvious:

  • More cost saving customer service budgets;
  • Faster customer response time;
  • Lower load on customer service agents.

At the same time with increased efficiency and profitability customer service loses its humanity that many customers are carving. Thus, to get higher satisfaction rates for customer service quality you should offer human touch and personalization. In this blog post we highlighted several reasons why your customer service isn’t human enough.

Customer-centric experience is not your priority

When you neglect the experience your customers get while interacting with your company, you will soon notice the rapid decrease in the number of loyal customers. Why does this happen? To answer this question think about the role of customer centricity in your company. Is there a customer focus in whatever you do?

Customer-centric companies build their businesses with customers in mind. They have a customer focus in everything they do: from they way they treat their employees to how they develop their business strategies. To better understand what these companies do and how they managed to succeed, check the list of 100 top customer-centric companies of 2022 made by Blake Morgan, a Customer Experience Futurist.

Millennials targeting

Though millennials are the main target audience in the USA, there are still other people whose needs companies do not take into account while creating their customer service strategy. While millennials prefer using live chat and self-service options there are still customers who use other communication channels and prefer talking to a real person.

Thus, your CX strategy should equally include live chat, phone customer service and support through social media. According to CX trends 2022 report 73% of customers expect to start conversation in one channel and continue in other ones without losing any information. You need to consider this together with the type of your audience while organizing your customer service workflow.

Too complicated to get connected with a human agent

An ability to solve customer issues and answer questions right here and right now distinguishes a customer-oriented company. On the other side, the more obstacles customers face while interacting with your customer service team the lower satisfaction rate your company will get.

Though the role of digital customer service grows there are still many customers who want to talk to a human agent. This is not related to their inability to find answers with help of your self-service options or customer support bot. The reasons for this lay deeper:

  • Many new customers before they start doing business with your company want to talk to a real person to ensure your company is not a fake;
  • Loyal customers want to have their issues solved and questions answered without the necessity to use self service options or go through the bot questions;
  • Complex technical issues in most cases require immediate attention of the human agent;
  • In case of angry and disappointed customers fast and immediate response of the human agent guarantees successful issues resolution.

Thus before implementing the model of digital customer service, you need to ensure your existing and potentials customers can easily get in touch with your agents, talk to them or chat and get excellent experience.

Agents spend too much time on investigation

The lack of proper tools for customer service makes it impossible to provide personalized customer service. As a result, the quality of the overall experience the customers get is quite low. While assisting them agents need to have the following information at their fingertips:

  • Customer name and location
  • Initial message, issue description or request
  • Account name or email address
  • Communication history

Having all above mentioned details at their fingertips, your agents will be able to assist faster, transfer to the needed department if necessary and provide personalized experience.

With Provide Support live chat service, agents can see customer details in their apps. Moreover, all active customers chatting with agents are highlighted and it is possible to pass additional information about customers to the agent app. Additionally, all conversations are available online and the chat history can be easily accessed by agents during chats.

Poor post-purchase customer experience

Post-purchase experience starts from the moment the customer checks out and it includes:

  • Confirmation email;
  • Product delivery date;
  • Product journey;
  • Regular updates about the order status;
  • Loyalty program offer;
  • Offer of similar products based on customer behavior.

Positive post-purchase experience is a great opportunity to win loyalty and create strong relationship with customers.

Customer journey begins from the moment they open the browser and start searching for the products they need in a search engine, and it does not end with the checkout process. Thus, to provide consistent customer experience your team should be equipped with the right tools and have the right skills for assisting customers in different situations. Sometimes excellent knowledge of services and products is not enough. It is necessary to know how to handle angry customers and to keep balance between business and private talks.