reliable communication channel for customers and employees

3 Reasons You Need to Have a Reliable Communication Channel for Your Customers and Employees

Secure and reliable communication channel is one of the most important aspects of any successful business today. Information leaking can damage even more than destruction or theft in modern world. For ages people have been struggling to keep data secure and protected. They invented various ways of secure data exchange:

  • private messengers, pigeon post and encrypted texts in Middle Ages
  • invisible ink and more advanced texts encryption in late 19 and early 20 century
  • password protected data in 1960th
  • email invention in 1970th
  • data protection with help of antivirus software development in 1980th
  • the rise of firewalls to protect data exchange in 1990th
  • more and more improvements against data leaks and more advanced measures to protect information exchange today

As we can see with development of technologies, the ways to steal data also evolve. Thus without modern tools and common sense it is not possible to keep your company and customer data protected and secure.

Customer data safety improves customer loyalty

While dealing with your company your customers leave their personal and financial information. Your highest priority is to keep these details safe and protected. Cybercrime industry shows rapid growth. Data is stolen, sold and sometimes even held for ransom. Thus if your customer information is vulnerable, you will lose your customer confidence and get lawsuits. So, what can you do to protect your customer data?

  • use only trusted tools for customer service needs
  • store only vital information
  • use trusted and secure payment processors
  • never ask your customers to share their credit card details in not encrypted channels, e.g. emails or live chat
  • limit access to data for your employees
  • create your company data security policy
  • use password protection tools

Customers share with you their sensitive information like credit cards and social security numbers. Your main priority is to keep those data safe to increase your customer confidence and loyalty.

Properly protected internal company information cannot be used by competitors

If your company internal information is vulnerable, its leaking can damage your business and lead to loss of valuable data. For storing and sharing information you need to follow data protection rules:

  • use one reliable cloud or self hosted corporate messenger for your internal communication
  • never switch between communication channels
  • keep all your information in one place
  • evaluate permissions

To keep your data safe you need to create communication culture in your company and integrate a reliable and secure business messenger to satisfy all your business communication needs. Messengers used for private communication are less protected and cannot be used for sharing sensitive corporate information and files.

However, if you use a corporate messenger for your internal communication needs you will take advantage of the following benefits:

  • all company information and conversations will be stored on your own server or on a secure cloud server
  • all files shared in chat will be stored without limitation
  • an ability to define own security certificate for self hosted solution
  • an ability to assign user roles and set permissions
  • an ability to setup separate servers to manage not related teams

Reliable collaboration tool helps to keep employees productive and engaged

Have you ever noticed how much time is wasted when your employees switch between communication channels and try to located all needed information? To improve productivity and company data security you can start using a corporate messenger for your internal communication needs. Provide Support company has recently introduced Virola corporate messenger which will satisfy all your internal communication needs and will help create efficient working process. The following features which will help improve your workflow are available with Virola:

  • admin and user roles
  • unlimited conversations and files storage
  • easy search in conversations
  • topic based groups
  • tasks and issues tracking
  • task board
  • screen sharing
  • voice and video meetings
  • live avatars

When you start using secure business messenger for your communication needs, you will quickly notice how convenient it is to keep all your data and conversations in one place. Virola was developed with security in mind to make corporate communication process more convenient and save valuable time of your team.