Best tools for the effective remote teamwork

Best tools for the effective remote teamwork

Today virtual offices became the necessity rather than an additional way of organizing the workflow. Lots of businesses have started hiring remote teams recently. However, Covid-19 pandemic significantly sped up this process and forced many businesses to move to virtual working environment. The necessity to transfer to remote offices made this process quite chaotic with various inconveniences both for employees and employers. In this blog post we will recommend the tools for effective remote teamwork to facilitate your remote office setup or improve the workflow of an existing one.

However, before we start let us highlight the most important features for the successful remote teamwork:

  • Secure and reliable corporate messenger
  • Private chats and group discussions
  • File sharing and unlimited file storage
  • Conference calls
  • Tasks and issues tracking
  • Screen sharing and remote control
  • Meetings scheduler

To have a convenient virtual working place your employees need to have access to all above mentioned features so that they could easily communicate with their coworkers, share documents, assign tasks and schedule meetings in different topic-based groups.

Virola Corporate Messenger

Secure and reliable business messenger is an essential part of any virtual office. Virola corporate messenger is a new tool developed by Provide Support company. Virola is not just a simple business messenger, it is a powerful collaboration suite for remote teams with the following functionality:

  • Self-hosted and cloud solutions
  • Easy and straightforward installation on own server
  • Unlimited files storage and chat history storage
  • Intuitive search options
  • Task board
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Private and topic-based conversation groups
  • Screen sharing and remote control
  • Live avatars
  • Meetings scheduler

With Viola corporate messenger you do not need any alternative tools, you can get all in one for your efficient team collaboration.

Nuclino – your team’s collective brain

Nuclino helps bring together your documents, projects and knowledge in one place. The app allows creating beautiful content, visualizing data and instantly sharing everything with team members.

However, if you do not need to draw nice pictures and screen sharing is enough for presenting your projects, Virola collaboration tool will help you keep all your documents, files and other important data in chats you had with your team members.

Software for project management

With project management software you can keep an eye on your projects, track your team members activities and create the virtual environment for projects monitoring and issues reporting. With Instagantt software you can manage your projects, collaborate, create and assign tasks, manage the workload and get reporting. Moreover, Instagantt can be synchronized with Asana to keep all project information updated.

If you need a powerful tool for project management, Instagantt will be a perfect solution. However, with Virola collaboration tool you can create tasks, assign them to your team members and check their status on the task board. This is very easy and convenient way to manage tasks and have all information at the fingertips.

Email analytics tool

Surveys conducted by Klaus and Microsoft found that 50% of email senders expect a reply within 24 hours, while a more recent one by HubSpot shows that 90% of customers expect an immediate response. A rapid growth of customer service role and technologies had a great impact on this data. Modern customers become more and more demanding and expect fast responses across all channels.

Thus, it has become important to monitor email activity of all team members to understand how long your customers and partners wait to get a response. In this situation email analytics tools become helpful. They track activity of your team and based on the results you can improve the response time, introduce new communication channels and provide additional training.

Business Phone solution for remote teamwork 

For teams working remotely it is important to have a reliable, easy to use and install business phone solution which allows handling calls with customers as well as team members. CloudTalk empowers remote teams with advanced call center features such as:

  • Calls queuing
  • Calls routing
  • Voicemail
  • Internals calls and extensions

Time and projects management software 

Time management is an important part of remote teams’ management. Proper monitoring software allows managers to save time on team’s activities tracking. Teamwork tool is more than a simple time tracking app. This platform allows you to keep all activities in one place, monitor it and seamlessly integrate with your CRM or Helpdesk system.

Appointment scheduling tool

Both for remote and office-based teams it is important to have one tool for appointments scheduling. Such tool should synchronize with your calendar, notify you in advance and reduce the number of emails you must send to notify your team members about the meeting. You can find a great list of such tools here.

Employees reward platform

Wooboard is a workspace which not only tracks activities of your team members, but also sends them encouraging notifications and measures points, so called “Woos”. Such approach helps achieve wellness in the workplace, improve company culture and increase productivity. An open API will let you integrate Wooboad with the tools you use on a daily basis.

Video Conferencing tool

Powerful tools for video conferencing like Zoom are designed to make your video communication more real, provide online video training and host meetings for 1000+ people. However, video conferencing feature can be available with the messenger you use for your corporate communication.

Virola collaboration tool offers an ability to activate a video streaming during conferences with help of the Live Avatar tool. Other meeting participants can watch your video streaming or ignore it.

Screen sharing and remote control

TeamViewer has become very popular for providing powerful screen sharing and remote control tools which have been successfully used for customer service for many years. This app is designed to make this experience seamless and pleasant.

However, there is no need to use this tool if you require such a feature only for your internal company needs. Almost all business messengers have a built in screen sharing and remote control. You can take a look how this feature works in Virola corporate messenger.

All above listed tools help create healthy and productive remote teamwork, where your co-workers will collaborate and stay productive.

Without properly organized workspace and collaboration tools you will quickly notice rapid decrease in your team productivity. While one employee can have high self motivation and work independently, other may need someone to keep an eye on their activities and work in close collaboration with other team members.

Virola collaboration suite is designed to provide all essential features for your successful team collaboration. You can keep all your company information, activities and plans in one secure place.