3 Ways Provide Support Live Chat boosts your Web Design Business

How can Live Chat benefit your web design business?
How can Live Chat benefit your web design business?

Turn your talent for web design into a profitable business with Provide Support Live Chat software.

Starting or running a web design business? Looking for a smart way to grow? We are glad you are reading our blog because the majority of articles, multiple tips and tricks, and other useful information are published here to help you serve your customers better. Most likely you are already familiar with the Provide Support Live Chat tool, and you know that it is incredibly easy to setup and integrate. At the same time, it offers flexible customization options which let it fit your customers’ websites seamlessly without any difficulties. And still this is not the whole story… With Provide Support Live Chat software you can easily grow your own business beyond its current status. This article introduces you to the three significant benefits of Live Chat for your web design business.

#1 Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention Rate

Your customers understand that in today’s business climate having and maintaining a current website is essential. It should be current not only in content, but in layout and design as well. And all that implies continuous collaboration on updates and changes they might wish to introduce to their websites. And while some of the updates might take you just a few seconds to implement, there’s nothing more frustrating to users than having to wait for hours to get through to you.

Offering your customers a simple, convenient, reliable and live gateway to your support staff is crucial when it comes to retaining existing users. With a Live Chat option on your site your customers won’t have to waste their time on waiting, and each request that takes only a few moments is resolved in a snap, not hours. Your customers will certainly love this simple and effective communication channel. And the increased customer satisfaction rate will definitely result in more loyal relationship with your customers which is the keystone to building a successful business.

#2 Expand Your Offerings and Win More Customers

According to our subscribers, the Live Help software is a wow-factor on their websites. It’s a great intelligent tool that has been developed to help enhance online user experience. Whatever field your customers are in, their websites can benefit from implementing the Live Chat, too. Moreover, once they just give it a crack while trying to reach you, they would love to get it added to their websites as well. The simplicity and user-friendly interface of the tool will help them decide on what they would like to implement on their wesbite even without you having to suggest it as an additional feature. Instead, the exceptional quality of the Live Chat tool speaks for itself, and brings you more orders!

Besides, Live Chat is only a part of the Provide Support package; integrated features such as multilingual support and website traffic monitoring make it a versatile sales and marketing tool for a wide range of industries. From large corporations to small businesses, there’s always plenty of practical features designed to help your customers manage their businesses! Over and above, Provide Support Live Chat is a reliable and stable service and you can stake your reputation on it. Our servers are monitored 24/7 with over 99.9 % uptime and the Live Chat support team is available round the clock to assist your customers.

#3 Become a Partner and Get a Reward

Did you know that we give a generous reward for referrals? As an affiliate partner, you receive 30 percent of the first subscription payment of all accounts created through your referral. Afterward, you receive 30 percent of all subsequent subscription payments by that customer. For example, if you refer a new customer to our service, and he signs up three operators for a total of $70 for three months, you would receive 30 percent of that amount: $21. These payments would continue as long as the customer remains subscribed.

You can setup accounts for your customers by yourself, or refer them to our service through special partner links included into advertising banners for reselling ProvideSupport’s Live Chat service. And what’s even more surprising, you get reward even for your website visitors who got to our service by clicking the Powered by Provide Support label on your Visitor Messenger! In effect, not only the Live Chat sells itself, it works for you, and profits come rolling in, even when you are not aware of them!

Your Provide Support account Control Panel has convenient built-in tools to easily monitor the number of subscribers referred by you through a partner link or banner. The accounts of your referrals get associated with your login automatically, and all your referrals will appear in a list under Affiliate > Referrals. You are welcome to claim your commission at any time in our 24/7 Live Chat support or via e-mail. And the last but not the least, there’s no cap on how much you can earn. So the sky is the limit. Are you ready for lift-off?

Julia Lewis


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