Top Live Chat Features for your Business

Top Live Chat Features for your Business

For any company no matter large or small, it is important to have excellent and professional customer service. Lots of consumers today prefer to chat with an agent online instead of calling by phone. Thus they expect to see a live chat button on your website. However, live chat services are different and before you integrate a web chat with your website you need to answer the following questions:

  • Who are my customers?
  • How do they prefer contacting our customer service?
  • Do I need 24/7 live chat customer service?
  • Do I need a chat bot?
  • Do I need a dedicated live chat customer service team or will my employees multitask?
    By answering the above questions you will develop your live chat customer service strategy and will have specific requirements in mind while choosing live chat software for your company website. In this blog post we will tell about live chat features helpful both for large businesses and small ones.

Convenient chat management

Provide support offers several live chat features that help managing your workflow:

  • Forced log out. If for some reason your agent left the agent app running, it is possible to close it remotely from the account Control Panel.
  • Unlimited number of departments. By creating departments and adding departments selection field to the pre-chat survey, you will ensure the chats reach the right agents and there will be no confusing transfers between departments.
  • Chats distribution methods. It is possible to choose the chats distribution method which better suits your workflow: all agents can see an incoming chat request and any of them can accept it, the chats can be also distributed randomly or in round robin order taking into account the agents’ load.
  • Inactive chat rooms closing. If a visitor left the chat, it will close automatically in several minutes, the time can be defined in the account Control Panel.

Predefined responses import and export

Creating the list of predefined responses may become quite a time consuming task. Such responses help save agents’ time and facilitate workflow. You can import them from a CSV file, rearrange directly in your account and assign to specific agents, departments or make available to everyone in your company. If you use another live chat account and need to transfer responses, you can easily do this by exporting them to a CSV file and then importing.

Creating agent profiles from a CSV

A possibility to create agent profiles from a CSV file is an enterprise live chat feature which helps faster configure your live chat account and start assisting customers. This way you can export your employees details from your database. Then you can import data to the live chat account and create multiple profiles with a couple of clicks.

Privacy and security

Stable and secure live chat service is the main priority at Provide Support. We constantly make various internal updates which make live chat service more stable, protect from bot attacks and various abusers. In addition, live chat complies with modern data protection regulations:

  • customer’s data can be hidden from agent app and chat transcripts
  • data privacy disclaimer can be added to the pre-chat survey and offline form
  • chat transcripts are not stored on the servers, they can be sent to email through the encrypted channel if you enable this option
  • secure connection is enabled by default for all new accounts

To protect your customer service team from abusive visitors we introduced the following features:

  • IP blocking and chat access restriction
  • harmful files blocking
  • possibility to disable images preview in the agent app

Convenient and powerful native live chat agent app

Provide Support agent app contains all important information you need to know about your customers. You can see real time monitoring results, additional details passed through website scripting, details from the pre-chat survey. Flexible settings let you configure the app to make your chatting workflow convenient and smooth. By undocking tabs you can view your monitoring data or customers distributed on a world map on separate monitors. In addition, native live chat agent app allows storing several agent profiles, open them concurrently and monitor new co-workers who are just learning.

A wide range of chat window customizations

By making live chat window part of your website you will create friendly chatting environment which will encourage your existing and prospective customers use live chat tool to get in touch with your team. Here are the elements that can be customized:

  • Eye catcher. This is a small bubble which is designed to draw website visitor’s attention to the live chat tool. It can be customized to match website look and feel. Unlike proactive chat invitation, eye catcher looks quite unobtrusively and does not distract visitors while they are browsing your website.
  • Chat window design. Flexible color, font and size customizations help make live chat window look integral part of the website.
  • Company logo and agent avatars. You can make the chat look more friendly by uploading images of your agents and your company logo.
  • Post chat survey. With help of the survey you can monitor your agents’ performance and let your customers share their opinion.
  • Pre-chat survey and offline form. You can ask there the questions you would like to have answered, add custom drop down lists and other fields which will help collect valuable information.

Mobile live chat agent apps to stay always connected

Mobile agent app allows not only assist customers on the go. It is also convenient if your customer service agents work in the office and need to step away. In this case the mobile live chat agent app will notify about incoming chat requests which they will be able to accept them and respond.

Affordable pricing and flexible payment plans

Provide Support offers very reasonable prices both for small businesses and large corporations. Volume discounts are available when purchasing more agent profiles. Additionally, it is possible to save up to 45% by choosing annual billing period. There are no hidden costs and all subscription packages have the same set of features.

Easy integration and rich set of live chat icons

It is easy to integration Provide Support live chat service with any type of website. For WordPress, Shopify and WooCommerce separate apps are available for easy and straightforward integration. For other content management systems detailed instructions and special chat button codes will help quickly add a live chat button and start assisting customers.

A rich set of live chat icons, including SVG icons, will help make live chat icon look part of the website. It is also possible to upload custom images and even use different live chat buttons on different website pages.

Friendly and professional 24/7 customer service

Provide Support’s customer service team will assist with any type of questions. 24/7 support chat is available for all customers around the globe to ensure everyone can get professional assistance during their business hours.

Just try Provide Support chat on your website to see how all listed above live chat features work and how this tool will help you grow your sales and customer satisfaction level.