Top 12 Customer Service Quotes to Ignite Your Customer Support Team [Infographic]

Everybody loves quotes! Why do we do that? Perhaps it is one simple and effective way to remind ourselves of things that matter and things that don’t.

Customer service can at times be a very challenging job. Dealing with many different people and trying to deliver the best service to every one of them requires a lot of stamina and patience.

A good quote can lift up a weary spirit and stimulate for better performance. It can communicate a goal in a way no other form of expression can.

We have collected our top 12 favorite quotes and arranged them into an infographic.

When your support is challenged, share a quote with them and bring some inspiration to the table!


Customer Service Quotes


Maria Lebed


  1. A customer does not care how much you know until they know how much you care. By the time a customer has to call and speak with a customer service rep, they have most likely reached an emotional attachment to the issue. This emotion may vary from concern to anger, and the simple truth is that more the emotion swings towards anger the more true the above saying is. It is imperative to remember this when trying to de-escalate upset customers build a relationship and empathize before ever offering solutions.

  2. Most of these are the same crap managers give as reasons to treat their employees badly and give way to customers who verbally abuse and even threaten us for things we have no control over.

    I’ve got a better one – “Treat your employees well, like human beings, with respect and kindness. Side with them when the customer is wrong and being abusive. When you show your employee they’re a valued part of the team they’ll provide better customer service. When a customer is being abusive, don’t give in, throw them out. It’s better to lose a bad customer than a good employee.”

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