Prices update

Introducing Provide Support pricing update

Provide Support starts the process of prices increase implementation. These adjustments are necessary to continue delivering new and cutting-edge solutions, enabling you to provide exceptional customer service. Provide Support, LLC has been offering live chat software for websites for almost 20 years. Our service is known to be the one of the most reliable on the market with 99.99% uptime. Like many SaaS companies we have been facing challenges such as inflation and raising hardware costs. However, our prices have remained the most reasonable on the market for many years and have never been increased.

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Adding Live Support For Website. How It Works

Many organizations who adopted cloud computing technology directly attribute it for their ease of start-up and ongoing operation. Their experience shared and spread across multiple online community boards, kindles an interest in all of us, new as well as seasoned entrepreneurs, willing to give it a try and see if it brings any actual benefits. Live chat technology is one such niche in the cloud computing which, although very popular today, continues to earn new fans across the globe. No matter how versed some of us may have become in discussing the benefits of cloud through reading the multiple expert views on the subject, it’s always a challenge to start something new as we hardly imagine what to expect and what exactly we’ll be faced with. If you are one of such users, considering to add a live chat option and wondering how do you go about setting this up for your website, here is a quick road map of the implementation process.

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