customer service metrics

Customer service metrics worth your attention

It is no longer a secret that customer service plays one of the leading roles for any business today. Together with marketing and sales teams, customer service agents fight for new customers, product reputation and brand awareness. However, when it is easy to see effort of marketing and sales teams, the results of customer service representatives are not that evident and sometimes require measurement. For this purpose, exist standard customer service metrics which we would like to describe in our blog post. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) To measure how your customers are happy with the service provided by your team, you can use customer satisfaction score metric (CSAT). It is based on a question “How satisfied are you with the experienced you had with our company?”. To calculate the CSAT, you need to divide the number of those customers who gave a positive response by the total number of responded customers. The result will show you how satisfied were customers with the experience they received. 

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