Simple Tactics for Mastering Live Chat

Live Chat Tactics
Live Chat Tactics

A variety of methods for providing support to customers exists today and Live Chat is known to be the one of the most popular on the market. That is why it is important to learn everything about this tool if you utilize it on your website. Mastering Live Chat will help you facilitate your workflow and offer best quality support using cutting edge communication technology. In this article we will offer some simple tricks and recommendations for making your customer service better and faster.

Fast, reliable and secure

No matter which business you are in, your customers are looking for professional support and human approach. Assisting through Live Chat will make your customer service business like and a possibility to show agent’s picture and greeting message will add warmth and friendliness to your chats. When selecting which Live Chat provider to go with, do not fall for modern look or free packages, investigate if the service is reliable and inquire about provider’s stability on different forums where you can get an independent opinion. If you are dealing with sensitive information, your users will appreciate secure connection for chat sessions.

Treat your customers the way you would like to be treated yourself

We hear this expression every time we ask about the best methods for assisting our customers, but what real actions should be taken for this purpose?

  • green-check-mark    First of all offer your customers easy methods for contacting you, if you have Live Chat option   on your website, do not hide the chat button and do not keep your customers in chat queues as while waiting for your agent to accept the chat, they will contact your competitors. Take advantage of a feature which allows adding different Live Chat images to your website pages to better match your website design. Stylish and modern click-to-chat button will attract your visitors and encourage them to contact you via real time chat.
  • green-check-mark    Ensure that your customer care staff offers professional assistance by monitoring their chat history and sending them feedbacks for improving the quality.
  • green-check-mark    Encourage your agents to invite experts and representatives from other departments in case their assistance is needed during the chat session. Asking your customers to contact in chat again and select the appropriate department might get them frustrated.
  • green-check-mark    Utilize Real Time Monitoring to see which pages your visitors are browsing and pass additional information from your website scripting, to show more data about your visitors. This will help your agents to react fast and give detailed answers based on available information.
  • green-check-mark    Transfer files with your presentations, catalogs or quotes right in chat, navigate your customers on your website with help of page push commands and Co-browser.
  • green-check-mark    Offer your users memorable chat experience and ask for their feedback and opinion after the chat session. Post Chat Survey results will help you to analyze your support quality and proceed with the strategy for making your customer service better.

Invent your own creative approach

Adding some spice to your support will show your users how important they are. There is nothing better than this feeling. Thus do not stick with multiple canned responses, practice personal approach, fast, friendly and professional support. By following these simple recommendations you will bring your support service to a new level and your users will love how your support team treats them.


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